Legacy OS Linux is an Operating System for old Pentium 3 and 4 PC's

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  • chipfizz
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    I've been using LegacyOS off and on up until a few years ago (LegacyOS 1, then Legacy OS 2) until I started using it full time to keep from throwing out my Windows 98 box (450Mhz, 512M ram, 4Gig HD, 32Gig Usb flash drive, DVD-Rom/CD-RW.). The family member who gave it to me said they spent 2,000 dollars for it at the time, with only the best they could get for then (pre-2000). I have long since lost my Win98 CD, and 'XP' would probably give me a lot of 'hickups' along the way for this machine, so I did a little research on linux and tried a couple dozen live CDs, and Puppy Linux ran the smoothest (in ram). LegacyOS looked nice and had everything I needed plus it had the real 'deal-breaker' for me that I had with all the other Linux Distros; -Games! (-Usually not enough games (or none.)); I think if you are going to have all that useful stuff (-productive stuff), then by-god, you can make room for some games. How can you expect us Windows users to migrate to Linux without a good bit of recreation. -You can't expect the rest of the family to warm up to a 'Productive and virus-free' desktop that they are forever crowing about without something in it for the family... I've been using LegacyOS 1 (I prefer the lighter looking classic windows-like desktop of OS1 to the darker modern looking LegacyOS2, or 2.1) for a couple of years now, and honestly, I haven't found anything that even comes close; certainly not the bloated Ubuntu, which has gotten so SLOW and resource hungry that it has become a pitiful windows 'wanna-be' on older machines instead of the 'contender' that it promised to be. To be blunt, Ubuntu is so SORRY looking on older machines that it has set back Linux 15 years! A black hole that it will never get out of! If it won't run right on older machines, then what's the point! -Not everyone can pony up 400 dollars at Walmart for an E-machine. Simply put, then, the game is over. Its so BAD on slower machines that It makes Windows look better than it is! So much for PROGRESS... it's a step back as far as I'm concerned. Well this computer and a few others I have wont be going to the landfill for a long time thanks to LegacyOS. As for my Ubuntu disks..., well that's another story. -Thank you for LegacyOS! it's sort of, a better 'windows' than windows... -Chip in Ohio.

    Posted 04/17/2014
  • maxshawn
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    Great software, thanks legacyoslinux

    Posted 09/12/2012