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Ledgersmb is a full-featured, robust, flexible and dependable accounting system. I use it to operate the bookkeeping for a small UK limited company, which is VAT registered. I previously used the commerial Quickbooks software for this task. Ledgersmb is supported primarily through the ledger-smb-users mailing list. I have always received good and timely answers to my questions there, often directly from one of a few core developers. A browser-based interface is the primary way of interacting with ledgersmb. This is functional, full-featured and largely intuitive. Although it still has some rough edges, which can trip up a novice user, the interface becomes fast and easy-to-use once familiarity with the software grows. Ledgersmb is built on the foundations of a very robust database backend. Although this is hidden from the user's point of view, it ensures integrity and security of the accounting data, while offering a well-defined and flexible way to integrate with other business systems. The use of an open source database for storing data offers long-term security and freedom, which is very valuable to me. By storing data in an open format, ledgersmb offers me direct control over my accounts data and scope for integration with other business systems. This avoids being locked-in to a proprietary data format, with the significant risks that would bring. It seems to me that much of the ongoing development work goes into improving and expanding the underlying database. That makes sense, given it is the base on which all other interfaces depend, but from an end-user perspective, I sometimes wish that more attention was given to polishing the user interface. But being open source, there is always plenty of scope to contribute improvements. I have found that bug reports are dealt with swiftly and patches have been gladly accepted and quickly incorporated. In summary, ledgersmb is full-featured, robust and flexible, with great support.


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Too hard to install on Debian Jessie


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