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The final release of Bering-uClibc 4.1 has no major changes compared to the relaese candidate. The version number has been fixed and has been added to initrd - we missed that for rc1. The changes since 4.0 are slightly more impressive: 4.1 provdies a kernel update and more than a dozen packages has been updated to latest upstream versions. For the first time dhcpv6 is supported (you can choose between dhpcd and dibbler) and support for MODBUS has been added. About 6 Trac tickets has been closed, plus a few other mostly minor fixes. Also a history has been added to the shell, also a more capable mail system, and finally initrd can be rebuild on a LEAF router, to get rid of unnecessary modules or to add new ones to the boot environment (though this process is (yet?) not automated) Under the hood the build environment has received updates to keep it working on newer distributions and to alleviate the work on packages. For more information have a look at the complete changelog at
Source: README, updated 2011-10-08