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LDAP GUI for Academic Institutes. --------------------------------- Graphical User Interface for installing and configuring LDAP Service for Academic Institutes Developed at : Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology, College of Engineering, Pune, Maharashtra, India. November 2010 Developers : Ashwin Tumma - ashwin.tumma23@gmail.com Swapnil Kulkarni - swapnil514@gmail.com Submission Details : --------------------- Refer Deliverables.pdf file to see our submission details. Summary of Deliverables. pdf : README.txt : This file Deliverables.pdf : Explains the submission Abstract.pdf : Abstract Report of the tool Acknowledgements.pdf : Acknowledgements Summary.pdf : Summary of work done Examples.pdf : Working Examples and Test Cases LDAP.tar.gz : Source code with License LDAP_Report.pdf : Report and User Manual of the tool Pre-requistes: --------------------- Read PREREQUISTE file List of files in source code: ------------------ LDAP Directory : ------------------ README.txt : Readme file for the tool index.html : HomePage for the tool. You can select either Server or Client to configure from this page Client.html : Describes the installation procedure for the LDAP clients. The user is adviced to read this page throughly before proceeding with Client installation GetValues.html : Get the values of basic parameters from the user and store these values in the tool for further configurations and settings. SubmitValues.jsp : Procedure for installation of server softwares. GetConfig.jsp : Create the slapd.conf file and request for the department specific information from the user. Configure.jsp : Create the hierarchy and group files to build the directory information tree. ServerStartAdding.jsp : Start the ldap server and add the various ldif files created during the installation process. CreateUsers.html : Procedure for adding end users to the server database. Developers.html : Details and contacts of the developers. Scripts Directory : ----------------- This directory contains the shell scripts for automating the installation process. Install.sh : Install server softwares - OpenLDAP and Berkeley Database Make_slapd_conf.sh : Create the slapd file and place it in its appropriate position CreateLDIF.sh: Creation of directory information tree. ServerStart.sh : Start the server and add the ldif files to the server database Client.sh : Installing the clients 1.ldif : Sample end user ldif file UserAdd.sh : Add end users ClientFiles Directory : ---------------------- common-* : client authentication files nsswitch.conf: Name Service Switch file for client configuration.
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