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Krusader-2.3.0-beta1 "New Horizons" =================================== We are pleased to announce a new version of the Krusader file manager. As many new features have been added to the development version, we decided to skip the 2.2 cycle entirely. Being a beta release we ask you to provide bug reports, feedback and patches to make the upcoming stable as solid as possible. The highlights of this release are: - QuickFilter - Default shortcut: CTRL+I - Actions: Back/Forward in history - Option: Show directories first - Selection dialog option: Apply selection to directories - Filter option: Apply filter to directories Read SVNNEWS for detailed information about the new features and the INSTALL file for installation instructions. Notice: if you've got bugs to report, please do so using Krusader's website, and not using KDE's bugzilla (bugs.kde.org). as always, enjoy Krusader Krew. http://www.krusader.org +----------------------------------------------------------------------+ | To learn what's new, read the ChangeLog file. | | For bug reports, fixes, patches and comments: please read the FAQ | | section of the Krusader Handbook. | | You can reach us by mail [krusader * users sourceforge net] | | or drop us a note in our Krusader forum. | +----------------------------------------------------------------------+
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