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This is a plugin to KeePass <> to provide an enhanced entry view.

For the rationale and design behind this project, see the forum post linked to as the homepage

KPEnhancedEntryView Web Site


  • All fields (standard and custom string) shown in a grid view
  • Field values and, for custom strings, names, are in place-editable
  • Easy to add new custom fields through in-place editing
  • Protected (password) fields can be edited, or their value shown through the in-place editor
  • Attachments can be dragged and dropped to and from files in Windows Explorer
  • Metadata properties shown on a separate tab to details field
  • Original textual entry view still available, through the "All Text" tab
  • Multiple selected entries can be edited together to perform mass changes


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  • jcimm227
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    Thanks for this great plug-in. It helps me organize my account notes a great deal and I like the attachment option. One thing that is still broken in this new version released November 2013 is the attachment window. If I attach a text file with some notes to an account then come back later, open the text file and make a change, click Save, it doesn't save the changes. When I re-open the attachment, the changes are not there. The work around is to save the attachment to the C: drive, edit the file then re-attach to my account in KeePass. A bit of a hassle for minor updates. Also, if I attached a MS-Word document it does not invoke MS-Word when opening the attachment inside KeePass so the file is unreadable using KeePass. Must again save the file externally then open it.

    Posted 01/25/2014
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