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KINDLEGARTEN README =================== kindlegarten is a simple web interface that allows you to keep your favorite bookmarks handy and to read all your email from one or more imap accounts. kindlegarten is designed to be e-reader friendly: large type and buttons, simple navigation and very light html code. it also shows you the weather. REQUIREMENTS ============ PHP >= 5 with imap and sqlite extensions USAGE ===== once you log in with your username and password you can start editing your account: password: change your password during the login procedure by clicking on the management icon at the top of the login page weather forecast: change your location and add more locations by clicking anywhere on the weather panel bookmarks: edit, remove or add new categories and associated links by clicking on the management icon at the bottom of the home page email accounts: add imap accounts by clicking on the management icon at the top of the inbox page (passwords are stored securely). for each imap account, edit the account to select the folders that you want to scan inbox: in the interest of minimizing data rate, choose to fetch only recent messages by clicking on the date in the main mailbox header INSTALLATION ============ Just unrar the package in your chosen webserver directory. Make sure that the "data" subfolder is writable by your HTTP server. Edit the "config.php" file and set the root directory (no need if you use virtualhost). Set a temporary administration password and start setting up user accounts.
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