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What is KeePassSync ? KeePassSync is a KeePass plugin that synchronizes your database using various online storage providers. This allows two or more computers to easily keep their data in sync. How to install: Unzip the files and copy them into your KeePass directory. Important! Each version of KeePassSync requires the corresponding version of KeePass. For example, if you download KeePassSync 2.05, it requires at least KeePass 2.05. How to use: From the KeePass main menu, select Tools->KeePassSync->Show Options… You then select your online provider you wish to use. Currently there is only one, DigitalBucket. If you have a suggestion (must support free accounts), please let me know and I'll look into it. If you don't have an online provider account, you can create an account for the provider by clicking on the link beneath the selection box. Your online account information is securely stored as a KeePass entry. To create the entry, click the "Create Keepass Entry" button. It's important that you not rename this entry after it's created. You can move it around, but keep the same name. The username/password in this entry will be used to connect to the selected online provider. Once you do that, you can immediately sync with your online provider which will transmit changes from your database and apply them to the server version. How the synchronization is resolved is configurable in the "General" tab of the KeePassSync options. I use "Synchronize". If this is the first time your database is synchronized, your database will be uploaded to the online provider. Once you go to another computer, you will want to open the database from the online provider. You don't have to create an entry, but you will have to select from the options which provider you want to use. After that, select "Tools->KeePassSync->Open", type in your username/password for your online provider and a list of previously synchronized databases will appear. Select which database you wish to open locally and declare a storage location for it. From then on, you may open the local database normally and synchronize whenever you want. Help!?! If you have any questions, please leave a message in the KeePassSync forum: http://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?forum_id=810364
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