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Readme – Version The program is mainly based on W6CQZ, Joe Large's JT65-HF (read "About JT65-HF"). It follows the same philosophy as the original, though many portions of the program has been recoded. The library libWSJT3 with core functions (e.g. for message pack and unpack, encode and decode, modulation and demodulation, signal conditioning, filtering, interference suppression, passband flattening and other DSP tasks), also used in WSJT, are developed by K1JT, Joe Taylor. Thank you very much for that excellent code, i can use in the HB9HQX-Edition. Note: The database with configuration and other informations will be replaced. You must set some values, like Callsign, Grid, Sound Device, COM port, CAT, Log, Alert, SNTP and Color settings after first start of the new release. Move window "JT65-HF Output Level" away from mainwindow and set Dial QRG. Use checkboxes to activate Alert, SNTP (time correction) and/or VOX. The installer don't overwrite your logdatabase. The main features of the program: - Clearly arranged mainwindow with 3 additional windows: - Raw Decoder - Station Infos - Band Statistics - Easy to use (semiautomatic, one click or enterkey) with - quick decoder, - Rx-List with Tx-messages and additional informations (new station, grid or dxcc), - callsign-labels of calling stations in waterfall display and - edit QRG List and 'Free Text' List in separate windows. - Automatically checks for duplicate new DXCC and new grid (different colors in RX-list). - Shows azimuth and distance (calculated form grid squares in km or mile). - Shows name of operator if available for use in 'Free Text' messages. - Optional: - Acoustic alert (morse code) after decoding. - Fix Tx DF for split mode in JT65. - Automatic adjust DT (same time as partner station). - Adjusts the program time with a internet timeserver (SNTP). - Spots received messages to pskreporter.info. - Generates the file JT65hf-log.csv to cooperate with the JT65-HF Image Controller from JQ1HDR. - All settings saved in a database (jt65-config.sqlite). - All imported and logged QSOs are saved by default in a database (jt65-log.sqlite). - Edit logged QSOs (use Filter(s) and/or ordering to edit your logged QSOs). - ADIF: Import/Export log files (also used for eQSL). - MixW: Import/Export log files. - Selection of one of five different logdatabases: - JT65-Log (jt65-log.sqlite) with edit, import and export functions (default). - HRD My Logbook.mdb (Ham Radio Deluxe 5 logdatabase). - Mycall.mdb (DXKeeper logdatabase) if exists. - Mycall.sqlite (Log4om logdatabase) if exists. - MixW2 logfile (*.log). - Import text file, ADIF logfile or MixW logfile containing callsigns and names. - PTT via COM port: RTS or DTR line (or VOX). - Optional: CAT control with OmniRig. (OmniRig must be installed and configured prior to using this feature). - Optional: CAT control with Hamlib. - Optional: CAT control with Ham Radio Deluxe. - Optional: CAT control with CI-V Commander (DXLab). - If CAT control: PTT via CAT command or COM port (or VOX). ------------------------------- Change log ------------------------------- - New window in menu 'About': 'libWSJT3 (K1JT)'. Important copyright infos are missing in previous versions. Sorry. - Set audio 'Output Level' with a spinbox on mainwindow (below display of audio 'Input Level'). The separate window to do that is removed. - Import of callsigns and names from logfiles (ADIF, MixW). - Reduced dimensions of all windows (lesser font size and modifications in the GUI-design). - Rx-List now with max. 5000 items and a button to copy the whole list to clipboard. - Soft-decision Reed-Solomon decoder removed from multidecoder and from installer file. If you have a legal copy of this decoder, you can use it (but only with singledecoder). - Multidecoder: No BW-settings anymore (more decode results). - HamLib: New configuration panel with more COM-port settings, like baud rate, data bits, stop bits, parity, handshake and qrg settings with mode and passband. - OmniRig: New configuration panel with vfo and mode settings. - Commander: New configuration panel with mode settings. - HamLib, OmniRig, HRD and Commander: New checkbox on mainwindow to activate or deactivate read (polling) QRG. - HamLib, OmniRig, HTD and Commander: Fast setting of new QRG with the combobox on mainwindow. - New column 'Info' in the automatic logfile with the same informations as in the Rx-List (e.g. QSO B4). - New labels in waterfall display with band info and timestamp. - Distance label shows wrong unit (km instead of mile), the value is correct (in mile). This bug is fixed. - Little bug with ending 'Singledecoder in QSO' mode is fixed. - Fatal bug with DXKeeper because the field 'Name' in the database is a memofield and a nul-value in this field triggers a SQL error message and program freezes. I have removed this field from the SQL statement. You can use the names database to show names of operators. Import an actual list in this database. - Little bug with colors (same DF but other stations) in Rx-List is fixed. - New: PSKR spots only entries with callsign and grid without time info to pskreporter.info - Shows 'Audio Input Level' value more precise in per mill instead of per cent. Progressbar is removed. No need, to use it. (Usually weak audio signals from rig!) - New: Mainwindow shows the names of 'Audio Input Device' and 'Audio Alert Device'. - New: QSO logging clears only the 'dB sent' and 'dB rcvd' fields. 'Callsign', 'Grid' and the 4 info fields (Name of op, length of name, azimut and distance) remains. The window 'Station Infos' refreshes after logging. - New: Menu Edit > QRG List Now you can edit the QRG List "Dial QRG kHz USB" in a separate window. Change the order of the entries (dragging with mouse) or delete and insert values. - New: Menu Edit > Free Text List Now you can edit the "Free Text" List in a separate window. Change the order of the entries (dragging with mouse) or delete and insert values. - All fonts (except systemfonts used in titlebar or in menus) have a fixed size, independent of the DPI settings of windows (100 % = 96 DPI, 125 % = 120 DPI or 150 % = 144 DPI). - The list of audio devices, used in the three comboboxes in the configuration window, shows only the device names (no longer preceding device numbers). - Extended latency for all audio streams, to prevent timing issues. - Mainwindow: Little changes in the design. - Log in DX Keeper: Issue with empty "Power (W)" field is solved. - Log4om: Issue with empty "Power (W)" field is solved. - Configuration: Unexpected behavior if user changes the color of the "has my CALL" row in Rx-List. This bug is fixed. - ODBC issue, if change from DX Keeper to HRD5, is solved. - Click in Rx-List should clear the "Grid" field. This bug is fixed. - Azimuth and distance where logged in HRD5 logdatabase, DX Keeper and Log4om. - Log a QSO new with the name of operator (extra entry field in log window). - New german manual called "Kurzanleitung" on 34 pages with many screenshots. - Fatal bug with configuration of a PTT Port COM3 (and higher) is fixed. This bug is new, a result of a name conflict between a constant and a variable in separate namespaces. No need to upgrade from, if PTT Port is COM1 or COM2 and CAT operates normal. - New: Optional logging direct into MixW2 logfile (*.log). - New: Label shows which logdatabase is in use. - Warning, if "CI-V Commander" is not running. You can start it, wait until normal running and then click on OK button of the message box. - The last "Free Text" was not saved in config database. This bug is fixed. - Warning, if "Ham Radio Deluxe" is not running. You can start it, wait until normal running and then click on OK button of the message box. - Log QSO in HRD My Logbook.mdb: Bug, if edit field 'Power (W)' is empty, is fixed. - Bug in ODBC connection to HRD5 logdatabase is fixed. Choose the ODBC Datasource (default = HRD My Logbook - Access) instead of the database file path. (Issue because file path contains a comma !) - Bug in Manual Entry (SQL-Error) is fixed. - Log QSO in HRD My Logbook.mdb: Insert station callsign in 'COL_STATION_CALLSIGN' field. - After import a new log database and click on the 'Log QSO' button, it appears a SQL error message. This bug is fixed. - Following settings are not saved: 'Auto Adjust DT', 'Fix Tx DF', 'Rx DF = Tx DF', 'Singledecoder in QSO' and colorsettings of entries in Rx-List. It uses always default values instead of the saved values. This bug is fixed. - Changes of alertsettings have no influence of the alert test procedure. This bug is fixed. - Fatal bug in access function to a DXKeeper logdatabase is fixed. (Program freezes with an ODBC error message, because missing data in a memofield, e.g. 'QSL_Via' or 'Name'!) - Fatal bug in code for ptt control via COM port, if the same port is used by an other running program for CAT, e.g. HRD5 or CI-V Commander. This bug is fixed. If the selected port is missing or in use, then ptt via COM port is disabled. - Changes in decodercode for a better decode result. - New: Shows warning message if Dial QRG is not set. (Decodestep is skipped) - New: Optional logging direct into the SQLite logdatabase of Log4om. - New: CAT support of HRD5 via TCP. - New: CAT support of CI-V Commander (DXLab) via TCP. - Selection of one of three different logdatabases in config window. - jt65-log.sqlite: Default logdatabase of JT65-HF HB9HQX-Edition - HRD My Logbook.mdb: Logdatabase from Ham Radio Deluxe 5 - mycall.mdb: Logdatabase from DXKeeper - Config window with new design (more tabs). - Station Info shows also continent, CQ- and ITU-zones - Bug in dxcc.sqlite (missing prefixes and countries) is fixed. - No more remove striplines (-------) in Rx-list. - New behavior of the edit names dialog window for easy insert operator names in the names database (e.g. from QRZ.COM). - Bug with decimal separator (comma) in QRG values (kHz) is fixed. Many thanks to I0HOU for reporting this bug. - Shows 0 (kHz) in the QRG combobox at start of the program. The user must select the appropriate value or wait until the CAT control reads the QRG from rig. The decoder is disabled, if the value remains on 0 kHz! - New checkbox for "Auto Adjust DT" (same time as partner station). Same behavior like in earlier versions. - New checkbox to "Fix Tx DF" (for split mode in JT65). - Click in Rx-list corrects the dB sent value and generats a reasonable message. - New Hamlib CAT control with rigctld as daemon. Now automatic restart after issues, indicating with yellow label "Start HamLib". Update time is one second, delay by QRG setting with combobox is 3 seconds. - New checkbox in configuration window to save the received messages in the old JT65-HF format. Filename: "JT65hf-log.csv". This is useful for cooperation with the program "JT65-HF Image Controller" from JQ1HDR. "Date","Time","QRG","Sync","DB","DT","DF","Decoder","Exchange" "2014-07-05","11:36","14076","2","-18","0.4","-684","B","UA3IIJ DH1JAD R-01","65A" - New waterfall display with stronger JT65 signals (improved visibility). - "Audio Input Level" display reaches now from 0 % to 100 %. The value is not critical, but the signal should be clean. Use voltage divider direct on microphon input of sound device to reduce the level. - The last "Free Text" is saved in config database. - Rapid decode result with singledecoder and multidecoder. - New format of the textfile with all sent and received messages: Date Time QRG Sync dB DT Decoder Exchange 2014-06-27 06:37 18104169 2 -26 0.1 K UA4A RRR 73 - note: Left click instead of double click in RX-list to start a QSO (to prevent troubles and issues with double click) - Clever focus settings to generate messages and log the QSO with the Enter-Key (Semiautomatic standard QSOs in JT65) - No more automatic adjust DT if clicks in RX-list - A lot of changes to improve the behavior of the GUI-event- and timer-loop - Two bugs where fixed. Wrong QRG in Log and no QRG mark in Band Statistics. - Bug in Edit Log (save changed band) is fixed. (new Bands 6 m and 2 m!) - The design of mainwindow has changed (unused widgets are hidden) - PTT control via DTR line is also possible (default PTT line is RTS) - Optional: Shows callsign labels in waterfall display (only if station is calling CQ) - New: 6 m and 2 m bands are provided now (in Station Info and Band Statistics) - Right click in RX list to copy callsign, signallevel and grid (instead of Left click!) - A lot of bugs where fixed - New default Dial-QRGs (USB) for 80m, 40m and 30m bands (3586 kHz, 7042 kHz and 10142 kHz) to prevent conflicts with IARU-bandplan respectively with detached CW operators who are searching a free QRG on old JT65-HF bandsegments (3576 KHz, 7067 kHz and 10138 kHz) ;-) - Display of "Audio Input Level": 0% - 50%. Note: This value is not critical! - SNTP Checkbox and Indicator (adjust program time via internet). - Improved waterfall display. - Decodertype "D" in RX-List: K = Koetter-Vardy (KVASD_g95.EXE). - SNTP settings: URL of timeserver and update interval. - PTT settings: CAT or RTS line. - Correct timestamp for (delayed) display decodes in RX-list. - Bug in ADIF import - if decimalseparator is a comma - is fixed. - Improved HamLib CAT control. Reconnect rigctl.exe and read QRG once per minute. - About window shows correct version text. - Improved behavior of "Singledecoder in QSO". - Bug: No decode result in first run, if "Singledecoder in QSO" is activated (fixed). - Bug in decoder thread resulting in no decode if too many signals are detected (fixed). - New interesting feature: Acoustic Alert after decoding, if successful Decode, CQ of a new Station, New Grid, New DXCC or My Callsign was detected. To activate this feature, you use a second 16 bit audio device !!! - New Algorithm with HamLib CAT control (TCP/IP connection to rigctld.exe). Tested over a longer period. HamLib is stable, short delay after reading QRG is normal. - Bug in TX watchdog fixed. - SQLite bug fixed: No more problem, if "my callsign" begins with a number (eg. 2E0XXX). - Improved import of ADIF- and MixW-logfiles. If records are present in logdatabase you can choose between replace and add (no replace). - 3 new buttons on mainwindow: Clear RX list, Clear Generated text and Clear Station field. - Station field and generated text where cleared after band change and Adjust DT is set to 0.0. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Use the support group for bugreports, questions and suggestions: https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/jt65-hf-hb9hqx-edition Brig, December 18, 2014 Beat, HB9HQX (hb9hqx at uska.ch)
Source: readme - jt65 - 09920.txt, updated 2014-12-19