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Changelog ********* [] - Rollback to VS2005 to compile the project because of problems with Windows 7 and Windows XP before SP2. The Windows 7 issues can be solved by using the latest versions of Windows SDK, WTL and ATL but the XP issue can't. JPEGView will remain on VS2005 at least for some versions. For VS2010 users, a solution and project file for VS2010 is included in the source code distribution. WebP library needs to be compiled with VS2010 as the VS2005 compiler produces crashing code from the Google source - so WebP will not work in XP SP1 or earlier. - libwebp_a.dll made delay loaded - therefore JPEGView runs without this DLL when you do not need webp. [1.0.25] Bugs fixed: - Previous image now works correctly when WrapAroundFolder is set to false New features: - Czech translation, thanks to Milos Koutny - Greek translation, thanks to Paris Setos - WEBP image format supported (load and save), using the source code provided by Google - Keyboard shortcuts are now defined in the file KeyMap.txt, located in the EXE folder. Users can edit the key map if desired. - New INI file setting: ExchangeXButtons to exchange the forward and backward mouse buttons (default is true, now can be switched to false) - Putting file name first in window title (as it is convention in Windows) - Double-click to fit image to screen (according auto zoom mode currently set), respectively 100 % when already fit - New transformations: Mirror horizontally and vertically (and put the rotation commands also under the new transformations submenu) Other changes: - After having had massive problems with a compiler bug when compiling the WEBP source code, I decided to switch to Visual Studio 2010. Install VS 2010 to compile JPEGView - Express Edition (free) is sufficient.
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