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JPEGView source code readme *************************** To compile JPEGView you need: - Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition with VC++ package (of course the standard or professional editions also work) - Windows Platform SDK (platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 or later) - only Core SDK is needed - Windows Template Library (WTL), Version 8.0 (http://sourceforge.net/projects/wtl/) (read http://www.codeproject.com/KB/wtl/WTLExpress.aspx how to patch the platform SDK headers so that WTL compiles with VC++ Express edition and PSDK) - To edit the resource file (rc) a free resource editor as www.radasm.com/resed/ is recommended The include directories of the platform SDK and WTL must be added to the include directories for VC++: Extras > Options > Projects and Solutions > VC++ directories > Include files Debug version: Before compiling the debug version for the first time, copy the files included in this distribution from JPEGView\Release to JPEGView\Debug Changelog ********* [1.0.21] Bugs fixed: - After saving, navigation panel was not painted correctly sometimes New features: - New image processing: Unsharp mask Using a button on the image processing panel, an unsharp mask can be applied to the original pixels. Note that preview is always in 100 % zoom. Unsharp masking cannot be stored in the parameter DB and it is not possible to apply unsharp masking automatically after loading each image (unlike other processings) - New image processing: Color saturation Support includes: Saturation on image processing panel, default saturation in INI file, parameter DB and landscape picture mode - UI colors can be set in INI file. New default colors instead of the traditional green. To restore the old colors, change them in the INI file to: GUIColor=0 255 0 HighlightColor=255 255 255 SelectionColor=255 255 0 SliderColor=255 0 0 - New INI file setting: OverrideOriginalFileWithoutSaveDialog If set to true, Ctrl-S overrides the original file on disk, applying the current processings without showing a dialog or prompting the user to confirm. Use with care, the original file will be replaced by the processed file! [1.0.20] Bugs fixed: - Flag 'ReloadCurrent' used in user commands does no longer keep geometric parameters after reloading (zoom, pan, rotate) New features: - French translation - Korean translation - New INI file setting: DefaultSaveFormat to set the default format when saving images [1.0.19] Bugs fixed: - Corrected Italian translation - Hiding of mouse cursor when starting up in window mode and switching to fullscreen mode - Application shown in taskbar also when the file open dialog is displayed after startup - File names having a & in the name are now displayed correctly New features: - 'DefaultWindowRect=max' in INI file will start with maximized window (if fullscreen mode is false) - Dropping files or folders to JPEGView from Windows Explorer now works - Edit global and user INI file using context menu - Backup and restore/merge parameter DB using context menu - Small buttons for minimize/restore/close on top, right corner of screen in full screen mode (only shown when mouse moved to top of screen) - New crop modes with fixed aspect ratio and fixed crop size - Set modification date to current date or to EXIF date - New command: Ctrl-M to mark file for toggling. Use Ctrl+Left/Right to toggle between marked files - Showing file name in window title - Smooth blending in and out of the navigation panel if mouse not moved for some time - Thumbnail view behavior changed somewhat - pan by click supported [1.0.18] Bugs fixed: - Resize now possible to sizes smaller than 800 x 600 - Renaming files with %x placeholder now works correctly New features: - Auto-rotate image using EXIF image orientation - Save image in screen size (Ctrl-Shift-S) - Keeping last selected image format when saving images - Italian translation updated - Toggle to window mode and back now first uses low quality sampling and improves quality on idle [1.0.17] Bugs removed: - Image processing panel no longer truncated on 1024x768 screens, sliders are smaller in this case New features: - Toggle screen with Ctrl-F12 on multiscreen systems - Window mode, toggle between window mode and full screen mode with Ctrl-W or with button on navigation panel The window mode can be made default in INI file and the starting window size can also be set in the INI file - New INI file setting (LandscapeModeParams) that allows defining the parameters used in landscape enhancement mode - New INI file setting (BackgroundColor) that allows setting the background color - New INI file setting (NavigateWithMouseWheel) that allows using the mouse wheel for navigation (Ctrl-Wheel for zoom) [] (repack - binary files equal to 1.0.16) New features: - Italian translation (thanks to Max) [1.0.16] Bugs removed: - PNGs with transparency (alpha channel) are now rendered correctly. Other formats supporting alpha channel are rendered correctly when GDI+ can render them correctly - I have not tested this. - The 'R' key for rotating lossless works again - Navigation panel was not visible when OS regional settings did not use a point as decimal number separator (All other INI file settings represented by floating point numbers were also not read correctly in this case) - Crash removed when scaling up images with heigth=1 - Cropping small areas (1 x n, n x 1) now possible - Not using IJL for 1 channel JPEGs anymore - seems to crash sometimes. GDI+ is used for these images instead. - Two bugs fixed causing crashes with very small images or images with extreme aspect ratio New features: - Support for multiple CPU cores. To set the number of cores to use to a specific value, set the CPUCoresUsed key to a specific value in the INI file. Default is to use all cores (max 4) of the CPU. - Small thumbnail displayed when zooming, showing the visible section of the image. The section can be moved with the mouse in the thumbnail image. To disable this feature set ShowZoomNavigator=false in INI file. - Spanish translation (thanks to Franco Bianconi) - About dialog - Tooltips for navigation panel buttons - New button on navigation panel to switch to actual image size / fit to screen - New INI file setting (Language=xx) to force user interface language (default is to use operating system language if supported by JPEGView) - New INI file setting (StoreToEXEPath=true/false) forcing to write to config data and parameter DB to EXE path (used when installed on USB stick) [1.0.15] Bugs removed: - If using ClearType fonts, the button text on the image processing area is now rendered correctly - EXIF information is now also found if not placed directly after SOI in JPEG image (e.g. after an APP0 block) - File name flickering fixed in image processing area (was happening when file name was long) - Zoom to 100% now always correctly zooms mouse cursor centered when the cursor is visible New features: - Display of EXIF information from digicam JPEG files (F2) - can be made permanantly using the INI file - Smoother screen update with less flickering by using back buffering of transparent areas - Navigation panel blended into image. The navigation panel is turned on by default but can be disabled with the F11 key. To disable it permanently, press F11 then save the settings to the INI file with the context menu. The blending factor of the panel can be configured also in the INI file. - New mode for optimal display of landscape pictures - lightens shadows and darkens highlights very progressively Use Ctrl-L to enable or the button on the navigation panel Other changes: - Using smaller font for help display (F1) - Exclusion/inclusion folders for LDC and color correction: More specific folder overrides less specific when matching for inclusion and exclusion - Using Crop without Ctrl pressed when image cannot be dragged - New INI file entry: CreateParamDBEntryOnSave to disable/enable creation of a parameter DB entry for images saved in JPEGView [1.0.14] Bugs removed: - If a JPEG cannot be read with the IJL library, GDI+ is tried as a second chance - Copy/rename dialog: Replacement text can now be longer than text input field (auto scroll enabled) - Reader no longer crashes when stripe is negative for images read with GDI+ - Images with ending TIFF are no longer duplicated in file list New features: - File open... always uses tumbnail view (not only in 'my picture' directory) - Saving files is now possible in the following formats: JPG, BMP, TIFF, PNG - Copy/rename dialog: New placeholder %n for number from original file name - Panning is faster and uses high quality resampling mode during pan - New command to reload current image (Ctrl-R) - Crop image section or zoom to image section with CTRL-Left mouse and dragging the mouse - Paste image from clipboard (Ctrl-V) Other changes: - Color and contrast correction switched off in default INI file. It is recommended to switch it on for dedicated folders only, e.g. folders with digicam photos. Of course any user INI file remains untouched by this change. - Due to an internal code simplification, all parameter DB entries for BMP images created with older versions are lost with 1.0.14. Note that other formats (e.g. JPG) are not affected. [1.0.13] Bugs removed: - Sorting by name now works correctly for names of the form X1 X1_y X2 X3 - When saving default values to INI file using the context menu, these default values are now immediately in effect for the next images New features: - File lists (text files) now support relative paths (relative to file list location) - Movie mode enhanced and improved, now accessible using the context menu and automatically using fastest processing modes - Batch rename/copy, allowing to copy and rename a series of files, e.g. from the digicam to the harddisk. Several placeholders are supported, e.g. file dates and consecutive numbers. - Possibility to set the auto zoom mode, enabling to zoom images to fit the screen with or without border Other changes: - Keeping parameters between images (F4) will now override any values from the parameter DB while active. Note that while keeping parameters is on, storing to parameter DB is disabled. - ICO removed from supported format list - GDI+ claims to be able to read it but can't [1.0.12] First release to public
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