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HOW TO USE 1. Create PDF 'document.pdf' from all JPEG files in current directory: jpeg2pdf *.jpg -o document.pdf 2. Create PDF 'scans.pdf' with: page size determined by maximum image size, page orientation forced to 'portrait', preserve the original dpi of images (don't scale), crop the height of each page at image borders (yields good results for scans with white background and correct dpi) jpeg2pdf -o scans.pdf -p auto -n portrait -z none -r height *.jpg 3. Create PDF 'from_photos.pdf' with: A5 paper size, landscape orientation, fit the width of images (fw -- fit width), crop the height of each page (works well for properly cropped photos of A5 pages in landscape with unknown/wrong dpi and approximately correct widths) jpeg2pdf -o from_photos.pdf -p A5 -n landscape -z fw -r height *.jpg 4. It is possible to specify the title, author, subject, keyword, and creator of produced PDF document with switches -t, -a, -s, -k, -c: jpeg2pdf -o doc.pdf -t "The Title of PDF" -a Andrew -c jpeg2pdf *.jpg HOW TO COMPILE AND INSTALL On Linux: 'make && make install' compiles and installs jpeg2pdf to /usr/local/bin. On Windows: 'buildit.bat' compiles the program, you'll need to copy jpeg2pdf.exe to some directory listed in the PATH environment variable to be able to run it from arbitrary location. PROJECT HOME http://sourceforge.net/projects/jpeg2pdf/
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