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June 2014 New Open Source JavaFX PDF viewer!!! http://www.idrsolutions.com/open-fx/

Older Swing PDF viewer is still on Sourceforge

Key features:-
1. Fully-featured PDF viewer with embedded font support, zooming, JBIG2 support, advanced PDF search, bookmarks, thumbnails, Layers support and more…
2. Released under user friendly open source LGPL license with full source code for use in both commercial and Open Source projects.
3. In development for over 10 years and used in corporate software globally.
4. Upgrade route to full commercial version if additional features or support needed
5. PDF to image converter example included ConvertPagesToImages.java

The current final release is February 2013 and you can download this from the sourceforge downloads page.

There are also plugins for Eclipse, NetBeans, and IDEA

The commercial version is still actively developed with a monthly release cycle and you can find out more at http://www.idrsolutions.com

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Jpedal works perfect.


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Conclusion: For single user client pc usage ok - in a multi user server environment better use something else. Ok to use: - in a single user client pc environment - if you use it as it is - if you have a powerful machine and don't care about the waste of memory and the strain on the CPU Use something else: - if you look for a multi user server environment library - if you need to change the source code or fix bugs by yourself - if you depend on the responsible use of resources Details: - Jpedal wastes ressources: Jpedal wastes a lot of memory and CPU due to inefficient programming. To convert a single digit page PDF (<1 MB size) to an image it needs 1,0 - 1,4 GB of memory. Due to its strain on the CPU certain PDFs (2 pages) need over 30 seconds to be converted. This may be acceptable for a single user client pc however not in a multi user server environment where jpedal locks up the whole machine. - Jpedal is hard to bugfix: Jpedal is implemented in that way, that if you need support you will have to contact the author because one has no chance to understand its source code in a limited amount of time. - Jpedal's quality of the code: Spaghetti code, misleading comments ("changed this and that for customer A" or "Customer problem.pdf issue XY "), (buggy) reimplementations of standard java classes, lots of bugs - I did run findbugs and it stopped after over 8000 issues! This is no code you'll want to depend on. You need an example? Just take a look for instance at the handy (2,7K LOC) PdfStreamDecoder.java and enjoy! Looking for junit tests? Nowhere to be found. Finally one thing I have to grant to Mark Stephens: If you close the hood above the chaotic sourcode and ignore the waste of memory and the strain on the CPU - in the end (most of the time) the result is surprisingly ok.

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Jpedal works perfect.

Posted 06/10/2013
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Used it in www.pdfscissors.com. It was really a nice library, very easy to integrate. Good job!

Posted 11/19/2010
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The links is listed on the page "Download source and jar from http://www.jpedal.org/open_source_pdf_viewer_download.php" and the source is on the Downloads tab... We have just posted it there so we can keep it updated.

Posted 04/03/2010
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