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================================================================================ JOHNNY - SIMULATION OF A SIMPLIFIED VON NEUMANN COMPUTER Version 1.00 by Peter Dauscher License: GNU GPLv3 ================================================================================ FILES: johnny_v_1_00_inst_2012_07_10a.zip: Executable for Microsoft Windows in a zipped directory. No installation required. johnny_v_1_00_src_2012_07_10a.zip: Sources and other files for development. JOHNNY has been developped using the FreePascal 2.6.0 / Lazarus IN FOLDER MANUAL: Johnny-Manual-EN.pdf User's Manual as PDF File Johnny-Manual-EN.odt User's Manual as Open Document File ================================================================================ REMARKS: I am a SourceForge newbie. So if you encounter some trouble with this SourceForge Project, don't critisize me too hard but just give me a helpful hint. peter.dauscher@gmail.com ================================================================================
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