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=== Notes === This release works on 32-bit & 64-bit linux systems. jnostromo depends on jinput with modifications. My modifications to jinput only support linux at this time. * Requires Sun's JRE version 1.6 * === Instructions For Use === Note, as of version 1.4, the installer automatically installs all necessary components for jnostromo to function with your Razer Nostromo hardware except for the java JRE. You need to download and install the JRE. To run, double click on the desktop icon or cd <jnostromo install dir> ./run.bash To uninstall cd <jnostromo install dir> sudo ./uninstall === Release === Version 1.5.2 (minor) * Bug fixed where a key repeatly gets sent to the application if the key was held down, now only 1 key is sent * Added a clone profile feature for duplicating a profile with a new new Version 1.5 * Added support for Belkin N52 & N52te devices * Added popup to show the descriptions without having to save to file * The description field is now populated with existing description * Right mouse click is now supported * Fixed a bug with middle mouse button being used as a right mouse button * Rearranged buttons on profile page for more intuitive access * Made an icon for jinput and added an about page * Changed text on set profile button * Fixed a bug where tooltips were not being updated if the image map was used to set the description Version 1.4 * Added a new printer friendly PDF export * Added 32-bit support * Added profile name in system tray * Added an application installer * Added supporting libraries about information * Fixed a bug with the keymap description Version 1.3.1 * Support for 32-bit & 64-bit linux systems. * Fixed a bug where the keymap description text was editable when it should not have been Version 1.3 * Added a new way to edit buttons by pressing the button on the middle image * Added user editable descriptions for all mappings and keymaps * Added user descriptions to PDF exported docs * Fixed a bug where scroll wheel was not releasing a keypress * Fixed a bug with the combo box popups not automatically hiding Version 1.2 * Added the ability to generate PDF's of the keymap configurations * Added edit mode (allows setting mappings by pressing a key on the nostromo) * Fixed a bug with removing profiles in the database * Added a desktop icon Version 1.1 * Huge Performance Fix * Import Profiles * Export Profiles * Fixed Window Sizes * Scans for Nostromo connection/disconnection Version 1.0 First release that includes: * Configuration GUI * Hardware Drivers * System Tray Icon * Keymap Switching jnostromo Version 1.1
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