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The Hunt for the lost Rainbow Jewels ----------------------------------------- The rainbow jewels have been abducted from the temple of the rainbow colors, and the world will slowly bleach out if you can't retrieve them. The project is still in alpha stage, so there is only proof of concept code, no real game yet. The current release is a walkaround demo which features a randomly created map of rooms and tunnels. It's populated with 50 imps, who are usually sleeping in their lairs and at times go to drink from a well. Basic combat is implemented, so you can try to chase some imps and kill them. There are also items distributed over the map which you can pick up by clicking them. You can also go to a second map, the village map, through the stairs up, but there is no way back currently, and nothing to do on the village map. This is just proof of concept for level transitions. There are two UI previews included, one for the character sheet, and one for the inventory. You can toggle the character sheet by pressing 'c', and the inventory by pressing 'i'. The character sheet is mostly non-functional, the inventory works already to a good part. Project site: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jewelhunt/
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