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readme.txt 2012-08-21 12.6 kB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachineupdatev.v1.1.62sourceandbinaries.rar 2012-08-21 223.4 kB 11 weekly downloads
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fmodoutput.wav super cool trance disco house limiter example.rar 2012-07-29 47.2 MB 11 weekly downloads
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fmodoutput.wav another disco demo.rar 2012-07-12 32.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
fmodoutput.wav sliding notes remix my own creation.rar 2012-07-10 28.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
fmodoutput.wav wavosaur modified -6db note sliding demo.rar 2012-07-09 6.5 MB 11 weekly downloads
fmodoutput.wav demo 4 using wavosaur to remove silence etc.rar 2012-07-08 25.2 MB 11 weekly downloads
Wavosaur. 2012-07-08 230.2 kB 22 weekly downloads
fmodoutput.wav demo 3 simple using il flangus.rar 2012-07-07 27.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
fmodoutput.wav demo 2.rar 2012-07-03 7.1 MB 33 weekly downloads
fmodoutput.wav demo 1 remix.wav 2012-07-03 33.9 MB 22 weekly downloads
fmodoutput Demo 1.rar 2012-07-01 23.7 MB 11 weekly downloads
fmodoutput.wav final test before i take a break.wav 2012-07-01 7.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
fmodoutput.wav testing fruityloops plugins lovephilter ildelay2.rar 2012-06-29 14.1 MB 11 weekly downloads
sourcecodeandbinariesv1.1.55.rar 2012-06-28 324.0 kB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinesuite.vst.fmodexdev.v1.1.54.rar 2012-06-27 377.1 MB 22 weekly downloads
crazymachinev1.1.50sourcecodeandbinaries.rar 2012-06-25 321.0 kB 11 weekly downloads
fmodoutput.wav example get up off your feet june 21 2012 11pm.rar 2012-06-22 13.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachine.vst.fmodexdev.sourcecodeandbinaries.v1.1.40.rar 2012-06-21 392.0 kB 11 weekly downloads
fmodoutput - do you love me waveoutput example.rar 2012-06-21 16.7 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachine.vst.fmodexdev.v1.1.39.rar 2012-06-20 374.4 MB 11 weekly downloads
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fmodoutput example slowdiscohouse2012.rar 2012-06-15 17.4 MB 11 weekly downloads
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mda_vst_fx_win free windows vst plugins.zip 2012-06-13 1.2 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinevstfmodexv1.1.28sourcecodeandbinaries.rar 2012-06-12 215.5 kB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachine.VST.Fmodex.v1.1.27sourcecodeandbinaries.rar 2012-06-10 214.4 kB 11 weekly downloads
crazymacinevstfmodexv1.1.26sourcecodeandbinaries.rar 2012-06-09 213.1 kB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinevstfmodexv1.1.25sourcecodeandBinaries.rar 2012-06-09 213.1 kB 11 weekly downloads
cRaZyMaChInE.VST.FmodEX.v1.1.22.rar 2012-06-08 284.7 MB 22 weekly downloads
cRaZyMaChInEVSTusingFMODEXv1.1.21.rar 2012-06-08 284.7 MB 0
CrAzYmAcHiNeVSTusingFMODEXv1.1.20.rar 2012-06-08 273.5 MB 11 weekly downloads
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v1.0.7crazymachinefmodex.updateonly.rar 2012-05-30 197.9 kB 22 weekly downloads
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crazymachinefmodexv1.0.6update.rar 2012-05-30 197.8 kB 22 weekly downloads
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crazymachinefmodexv1.0.5update.rar 2012-05-29 197.4 kB 22 weekly downloads
crazymachinefmodexv1.0.4.rar 2012-05-29 231.1 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinefmodexv1.0.4update.rar 2012-05-29 2.0 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinemodexv1.0.2.rar 2012-05-28 227.2 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinefmodexv1.0.1.rar 2012-05-28 224.4 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinefmodexv1.0.0beta.rar 2012-05-28 229.6 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinev1.0.8.rar 2012-05-17 221.6 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazy machine source code v1.0.8.rar 2012-05-17 22.5 kB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinev1.0.7.rar 2012-05-15 221.6 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazy machine source code v1.0.7.rar 2012-05-15 22.5 kB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinev1.0.6.rar 2012-05-12 221.6 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinev1.0.5.rar 2012-05-10 221.6 MB 11 weekly downloads
CRAZYMACHINEv1.0.4beta.rar 2012-05-09 220.8 MB 33 weekly downloads
crazy machine v1.0.3 source code.rar 2012-05-08 20.7 kB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinev1.0.3.rar 2012-05-08 220.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazy machine v1.0.2 source code.rar 2012-05-08 20.7 kB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinev1.0.2.rar 2012-05-08 220.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazy machine v1.0.1 source.rar 2012-05-08 20.5 kB 11 weekly downloads
crazymachinev1.0.1.rar 2012-05-08 220.8 MB 0
crazy machine .99.9.9.rar 2012-04-19 202.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
crazy machine source code.rar 2012-04-19 20.4 kB 11 weekly downloads
crazy machine .99.9.3 source.rar 2012-04-09 20.4 kB 22 weekly downloads
crazymachine.99.9.3.rar 2012-04-09 202.8 MB 11 weekly downloads
miccheck.wav 2012-04-08 35.5 MB 11 weekly downloads
CrazyMachine vst using Fmodex contact GoldBaby777 at daddymacky123@gmail.com Take it easy writing scores with this program using vst plugins because some of them are buggy like I recently found out that shifter.dll doesnt work...... soon as you load a faulty vst plugin there goes your song down the drain unless you saved it...... once you save your song it autosaves every 5 mins another faulty vst plugin was classic flanger and removed it Beta Rev ======== 1.1.62 Changed 32 channels to 17 channel output, sounds and works better... added sample stop feature 1.1.61 did an hour and a half or two hours work on the crashing of the program removed..... changed the buffer size and number of buffers to 4096 size buffer with ten buffers..... 1.1.60 fixed the wavewriting as far as i can tell......... The wavewriter doesn't work correctly yet im having problems with the fmod_system_update stuff with it..... 1.1.59b tried a bit more to fix the crashing.... works better 1.1.59 tried to fix the crashes during loading/unloading plugins 1.1.58c fixed the problem with notes sliding where they are not supposed to 1.1.58b update 1.1.58 Experimental note bending 1.1.57 Final tests and corrections before i take a break, works pretty good on this machine here, stopped playback at load/unload vst plugin for very good reason, was locking up the program when loading while playing..... most of the time keeps beautiful timing........ have fun...... 1.1.56 Tried to fix the timing even more so there is no more screw ups...... gotta test it still 1.1.55 added some loops and samples, added octave control on each channel........ now you can choose what octave to play the notes at 1.1.54 Perfect timing now with the program....... on this end anyways........ gotta test it still 1.1.53 Experimental thread wait timer....... for some reason isn't seemingly even exact time, please email me above if there are any problems..... 1.1.51 back to that because its difficult programming running the wait timer to play the next note on a thread i got it working but it doesn't work correctly....... have to figure it out until then download 1.1.51 1.1.53 Ureeka! timing is totally fixed forever now, no longer needed precision timing, how that worked was time how long it took to draw the screen...... process the effects and play it, then subtract it from the wait time, now it runs on a thread..... 1.1.52 timing fixed, didn't use ,1 option on the sleep when waiting to play next note fixed a song's bpm crazymachiinewavewriterfmodex program might or might not work correctly... still working on that 1.1.51 Trying to stop crashes of the proggy........ might have accomplished it....... Setting the vst effects deactivated before unloading the plugin might do the trick 1.1.50 Fixed more of the effects so the built in effects run through the channelgroup feature of fmodex, changed the vst plugin parameter inc/dec amount to allow more selectable data and unloaded all plugins before exiting proggy unloading all plugins should help with using fruityloops vst plugins although there are errors once you close the program with them, this might be unavoidable....... since it isn't fruityloops you are using.... 1.1.49 certain vst plugins would not load no reason why can't figure it out, if you load a song that doesnt play all the samples or any of them, it either couldnt load the sample, or couldnt load the plugin.... certain plugins suddenly won't load...... maybe different on your machine 1.1.48 turned off loading parameters during song load for one reason, it doesnt want to work with the new setup yet so i turned it off until i fix it, so you have to re-edit your vst parameters or use the default ones for now 1.1.47 I think i finally fixed it or sometimes it works and sometimes it don't referring to the vst effect loading when loading songs 1.1.46 fixed the best i can i think i fixed it, the loading of parameters of vst plugins when loading songs 1.1.45 forgot to add save and load master fx stuff and added it 1.1.44 Fixed totally the FX so they run full time after the sample is finished playing..... Just another same thing as the actual fruity loops itself.... 1.1.43 Added master fX situation with progggy 1.1.42 Added the ability to block the sound in the pattern, use left mouse button to play around with it 1.1.41 Final touch ups for now, shows some information during song loading...... doesnt process fmodupdates unless there is music playing 1.1.40 final work on timing for now, sometimes the waveout works correctly sometimes it don't...... fault of the fmodex library possibility 1,1,39 Timed it as best I could for now for playback and wave writing......... using wavewriter_nonrealtime function I managed to find the general wait time to update..... 1.1.38 there was a crash suddenly when i used to beats per minute variable divided by ten to "SLEEP" after the fmod_system_update in the updater thread........ then there wasnt one, so use at your own risk :) sounds thus far better than before timing is more accurate 1.1.37 Fixing the timing so it records wave files properly.......... playback seems smoother, set the bufersize to normal for slow computers 1,1,36 added jpeg62.dll to filelist so it loads the background image, it won't run without that dll *I think that was the missing dll when i downloaded and ran the proggy on my dad's old computer...... also switched over to the newest development dlls of fmodex, stopped playback during sample load for very good reason 1.1.35 Added fmodsystemupdate on a thread every 25 milliseconds...... that fixed the wavewriter..... and might help with playback on slow computers or not....... i tested the proggy on my dad's old cpu and it didnt playback correctly....... so i put the systemupdate on a thread every 25 ms ....... hope that does it..... gotta test it again on my dad's computer.... 1.1.34 Added cut with copy and paste to playlist, fixed some plugin scenery and how things operate..... trying to achieve that the program doesnt or can not crash. sped things up a bit..... as well 1.1.33 Added copy and paste functions to playlist, and autosave every 5 minutes once you save the file 1.1.31 Fixed as much as possible the wave file crashing is because of certain wave files that can not be played load and play "SOULMUSIC2012.SUN" to hear my latest music testing the program. Takes a while to load..... 1.1.30 tried to fix the crashing of loading unloading vst plugins..... shold work good for now, fix a nast bug concerning timing and loading plugins, avoid using mosntachorus and other ones perhaps..... buggy I divided the samples from the proggy, you can download the source code with the programs if you have the sample set already...... freevstpacksdownloads should be uncompressed so all dll files are located in the VSTPlugins folder where crazy machine binary is, create a folder called vstplugins and put the dlls there.... 1,1,29 Easier to use,removed master fx for now 1.1.28 New stuff added now easier and easier to use the program, master fx channel not implemented yet.. alot of stuff to figure out about that....... 1.1.27 NOW I MUST HAVE DONE IT! Finally, I totally fixed the effects processing to its proper state as far as I can see it....... FmodEX is much more complicated than the old Fmod 3.75 and was having troubles with the vst plugin unloading and loading and stuff but anyways please email me above if there are any bugs...... 1.1.26 fixed a nasty bug of crashing because of how the effects were setup...... adding master effects soon 1,1,25 Now even easier to use, added play and stop buttons on screen........ still trying to load samples while pattern or playlist is playing but keeps crashing.... working on it..... I also removed the sleep timers during load vst plugin or unload plugin 1,1,24 Now easier to use fixed some problems with load/unload vst plugin but still cant load samples simultaneously 1.1.23 Now the samples cut each other on each sample channel, its a must or samples overlap others Fixed some load song issue so the dsps are removed and released before loading new ones during song load 1.1.22 fixed the prcision increase i think......... lets see what happens,,,,, load june8th2012.sun play with repeat on 1.1.21 Added some vst effects trying to fix the precision increasing have to figure out the sound library other than that works fine for now. 1.1.20 final precision fixation sounds totally perfect tempo so far (playin with decimal fractions :)) 1.1.19 fixed timing is more exact then before more precision 1.1.18 Fixed playlist last line bug so now it stops after playing the last line in the playlist or repeats if repeat is on 1.1.17 Fixed playlist bugs, tested load save playlist when saving loading song 1.1.16 Added playlist functioning.............. 1.0.15 Added background a different way using put graphics statement and removed the help text, use bckspc key for help screen 1.0.14 Totally added save VST settings to song........ Fixed adding echo ms timing per track 1.0.13 Added control complete VST plugin but can't save/load settings in song properly yet, working on it..... 1.0.12 cleaned up the plugin load and unload and got rid of "some" useless plugins that crash the proggy 1.0.11 Made loading vst plugins easier added lots of free vst plugins 1.0.10 Added basic VST plugin support 1.0.9 Finally finally think i fixed the plugin loading problem...... cmfmodexplugins.exe and .bas are null right now and in development still....... 1.0.8 Finally fixed the bug that stops you from loading lots of samples 1.0.7 fixed a NASTY bug because it was trying to load the background with no avail file crashed the prog 1,0.6 Fixed a bug when loading samples while playing after precision calculation programming 1.0.5 Added more precision to the sequenced sample playback routine, try using 0 ms of tempo alteration 1,0,4 Fixed some things like background fixed the bpm to exact instead of plus one during playback 1.0.3 Changed the loading of music files so it loads the old ones, and altered the wave writer for better performance. 1.0.2 Fixed some timing issues and also with wave writer which i will incorperate into the actual crazy machine program later on 1,0,1 Fixed some things like DLL unload, experimented with waveout writer 1.0.0 Includes write wave to disk software Totally revamped so fmodex is used latest version as well or near This program now plays note pitch properly......... I did a wrong calculation and its fixed....... use audacity to record the waveout mix is used...... there is an option to set it to record once there is the sample sequencer playing the song........ program took me a week and a half to build...... some options not implemented yet like volume and pan settings.... used freebasic ide FBIde to build program beta Rev -------- 1.0.8 Minor bug fixes cut the end of the playback so it can be used for things like fade out 1.0.7 Fixed channel volume control 1.0.6 Finetune in milliseconds divided by 32 notes per pattern 1.0.5 Might have fixed it this time 1.0.4 tried again to fix the bug below and might have done it , might not have... gotta test it 1.0.3 tried to fix a bug that made program crash when stopping playback, hope it worked 1.0.2 added echo delay millisecond access for each track 1.0.1 Alot of work done....... Easier to make music plus some bug fixes 99.9.4 put displaying back onscreen during playback (easier to make music this way) 99.9.3 Stopped displaying on screen during playback to fix latency issue 99.9.1 created mute option of channel, tried to fix channel volume still not working properly, use individual note volume for volume control 99.9 fixed the keyboard so it plays notes properly..... 99.8 fixed the keyboard so it can be used as a music keyboard, switched keys around, much better 99.7 ADDED TWO EFFECTS REMOVED FLANGE CONTROL FOR NOW - can't load older version projects 99.5 more timing fixing, fixed a text bug 99.4 fixed timing quite a bit in the mix 99.3 minor adjustments 99.2 fixed buffer length 99.1 fixed program crashing when moving mouse down or off the window 99 first upload to download server
Source: readme.txt, updated 2012-08-21