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JasperReports Library 4.8.0 Change Log ============================================= - enhanced interactivity in the table component, with support for conditional formatting of values in a column; - support for style providers as pluggable extensions, to control report element styling depending on report data at runtime; a default style provider implementation is available, allowing the use of expression based custom properties at report element level, to control each style attribute, including backcolor, forecolor, font, borders style, etc; - added support for markers to the built-in map component, along with other new map level settings such as type of map, image type and language (I18n support); - version support added to the JRXmlWriter utility class to allow generating source JRXML format for older versions of the library, including support for versioning of custom components markup; - support for custom $X{} functions in queries, which can be plugged in as extensions; - added support for relative date ranges used as input parameters in parametrized queries; - minor bug fixes and improvements;
Source: readme, updated 2012-11-05