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Iron Fist is a Free and Open Source game, using SDL and OpenGL which allows it to be ported to many platforms; you can download it for both PC (Windows, Linux, BSD) and Mac. You can also obtain it through our subversion repository and live on the bleeding edge of development. --About the Project The game is a single-player and multi-player first-person shooter, built as a total conversion of Cube Engine 2, and is released and developed under the permission and concent of the Red Eclipse team. After many years of development, Iron Fist had become outdated in both the development and features which it offered. Many bugs were present in the code base which had been used at the time and it soon became apparent that in order to provide a better overall experience, a new release must be completed. To that effect Iron Fist was recreated and the decision was made to build it upon the first-person ego-shooter, Red Eclipse version 1.2. It was a difficult choise to make considering all the work that went into the development of the origional Iron Fist, but was one that had to be made. The Iron Fist team wishes the best to the Red Eclipse team and thanks them greatly for their support. Iron Fist is a development of Cure Productions. The project works independently, and as of now is not involved with the gaming and open source communities. It is simply a conceptual production and is a product of trial and error. Arcade gameplay, Realistic graphics! During the development of Iron Fist, the concept of the project has changed severely from its original concept, the story line changing to fit the game, embodying an arcade feel coupled along side realistic graphics. As the game matured, and more was achievable, it turned around and the game began to conform to the story. As the two begin to balance out, it will be quite interesting where the development will lead to next. Today, Iron Fist continues to push the boundaries of Cube 2 gaming. This project is completely open source and free to use. The concept of the game, however, such as the story, is not open source. Otherwise Iron Fist is strict on maintaining an open source policy. Nonetheless, take caution and make sure to read the readmes when required. Among the features are all the builtin (online and cooperative) editing, scripting, and rendering capabilities of the amazing Cube Engine 2, in addition to: * Unique, original, and fun gameplay, storyline, theme, artwork, and content. Pushing the boundaries of open source first person gaming. * More configurable, providing an extensive range of world variables for mappers and game variables for players/admin to control every aspect. * Play deathmatch, instagib, ctf, duel, lms, or use the select range of mutators and variables to create your own. * Large arsenal weapons, each with its own distinct personality, pros, and cons, providing great dynamic gameplay. * Strong artificial intelligence (A.I. or "Bots") capable of participating within all modes of its environment, even online. * Improved editing displays and capabilities, with automatic map package creation and online transfers completely transparent to the user. * Enhanced engine systems, with extra goodies like stereoscopic or anaglyph view modes, and unique mouse settings. * The main adventure component of Iron Fist will always be Free and Open Source Software, and you can contribute to it too. --Get Involved You're encouraged to help the project by joining in with the rest of the community to make a better project! You can do this by participating in our Community, or using the SVN (Subversion) repository, and reporting any issues, ideas, suggestions, or comments you might have. If you are feeling particularly generous, you can donate and help support our development efforts! We chat via IRC in the channel #ironfistcube2 on irc.freenode.net, if you don't have an IRC client you can use the Iron Fist forums at sourceforge.net. You can use this service to talk directly to the Iron Fist developers and supporters, whether you just want to have a chat, report a problem, or make a suggestion, this is the best place to do it. --Open Source The project is Free and Open Source meaning that you can both use it for free, and you can be apart of it by contributing in whatever way you can. These are people who have helped shape Iron Fist into what you see today, and they are regular people just like you who volunteer their time or donate in the spirit of making a really cool game, your name could be here too. --Active Developers James "Leviscus Tempris" Seeley - Lead Developer Gameplay and GUI Design, HUD, Community Management Lidra - Artist Models, Concept Artist, Testing Jarret Vandenburg - Artist Models, Concept Artist, Testing Riley - Artist Concept Artist Grant Brown - Artist Concept Artist --Additional Credits Quinton "Quin" Reeves - Programming Gameplay and AI Code/Design Kurt "Kurtis84" Kessler - Artist Textures "LuckystrikeRx" - Artist Maps, Textures, Models, Weapons Jonathan "W!ck3d" Roels - Artist Maps, Textures Derek "Favorito" Ponicki - Artist Maps, Textures Jeroen "appleflap" Boukens - Artist Textures Mike "mikeplus64" Ledger - Artist Maps, Models, Weapons, Textures Derek "JoJo" Stegall - Artist Maps, Models, Textures, Sound FX Slawek "Q009" Blauciak - Artist Ambient Sounds "SkiingPenguins" - Artist Skyboxes "fluxord" - Artist Crosshairs "No hosts as of yet" - Hosting Master and Game server hosting --Supporters Rosalia York
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