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IP Monitor notifies you when your public IP address changes

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  • castorscout
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    Works perfectly. Until now i don´t learn to install in service mode under windows, but i´m sure i will do.

    Posted 07/07/2015
  • wildabortive
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    FANTASTIC! Send updated ip address to email! Personal cloud here I come! use smtp outgoing in your email provider's configuration for the program. Works like a charm. Check out their discussion forums for further help - main website and go to feedback on the left hand side

    Posted 03/20/2015
  • kai-42
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    I'm using IP Monitor on Windows to update the data for a dynamic DNS host which only allows URL call updates. With some tricks you can get the service to update without a cmd window popping up: Execute the command "wscript <PathToFile>\update.vbs" The update.vbs looks like this: Set oShell = CreateObject ("Wscript.Shell") Dim strArgs strArgs = "<PathToWget>\wget -O out.txt <updateURL>" oShell.Run strArgs, 0, false There's a GnuWin32 build of wget on sourceforge. The parts in <> need to be modified. It would be cool to have a "visit URL" command, but with this you get the same result. Well thanks for eliminating all formatting.

    Posted 02/06/2015
  • geeds
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    I realize the rating is low, but it's as good as the weakest part of the chain. For whatever reason I cannot get it to send mail via my local mailserver, it just tells me to check the configuration, not what the actual error is. SO not being able to send mail makes it useless for me.

    Posted 12/31/2014
  • nedhead
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    A good application. I use SSH secure login to access my desktop from anywhere through the internet. But my Dynamic IP address changes from time to time. When this happens I can no longer connect to my server. I set IP monitor to send email alerts using my ISP's SMTP server to send the alert. Use Gmail to receive the alert and see it on my android phone. This is useful if you don't want to set up a DNS service and domain.

    Posted 12/17/2014
  • hagzazaphat
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    Great little app, but a bit clunky. Would be nice if there were options to add it to Windows Startup and to minimise to the tray. As it is, I have 2 invasive task bar items that I just can't get rid of without closing the app.

    Posted 07/31/2014
  • cali-cali
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    Posted 07/18/2014
  • tec805
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    This is a great tool. Does a specific task without clutter, easy to configure, portable even. I run an online ftp backup server from home having always used dyndns in the past, but since Dyn has decided no more free accounts I figured why not just use my normal domain name pointed to my FIOS IP that seldom ever changes. With this tool I'll be able to quickly update my godaddy DNS entry if it happens (if only there was a way to code that option!). The dev was exceptionally quick to answer a question, the email/visual/audio notification options are more than I need, running it as a service keeps it clean.

    Posted 04/08/2014
  • schundg
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    This application will notify you (in several different ways that you choose) when your external IP address changes. I use it to remotely access my home computer to monitor my security cameras when I am away. If my dynamic external IP address changes while I am away, without this app, I would not know it and thereby would be denied access. I set this up to notify me by email when my external IP address changes. This app allows you to set it up as a Windows (or Linux) service so that it runs automatically all the time your computer is on. You can set the interval that you wish this app to check your IP to see if it changed. It uses a file to store your old IP and uses this file to determine if the IP has changed. I suggest you read the discussion threads on this app as it provides some understanding how to run and set up the app, the notifications, and running it as a service. Thanks Gabriel for a great app!

    Posted 09/21/2013
  • ellisbenus
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    I really like this little program. It's exactly what I was looking for: small, lightweight, free. My issues were 1) I could not get it to use Gmail's servers to send. Luckily I own my own domain name and used the SMTP server for my hosting. 2) Can the program auto-start on windows start? 3) can the program be run and only shown in the taskbar? Thanks for writing this software! Everyone else wanted money, or me to sign up for an account. Both unacceptable. :-) (sorry for double post, created a SF account)

    Posted 01/07/2013