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ipcop-2.0.2-install-usb-zip.i486.img.gz 2011-11-18 59.3 MB 11 weekly downloads
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ipcop-2.0.2-install-avmdrv.i486.tgz 2011-11-18 1.9 MB 11 weekly downloads
ipcop-2.0.2-update.i486.tgz.gpg 2011-11-18 13.1 MB 88 weekly downloads
release-notes-2.0.2.txt 2011-11-18 1.7 kB 11 weekly downloads
README 2011-11-18 1.7 kB 22 weekly downloads
IPCop 2.0.2 is released v2.0.2 can be installed using the installation images or as an update from version 2.0.1. You need to reboot to use the new kernel after upgrading to 2.0.2. In addition to a few updates to software used in IPCop, v2.0.2 fixes creating CA certificate which did not correctly work in 2.0.1. Online English installation manual: http://www.ipcop.org/2.0.0/en/install/html Online German installation manual: http://www.ipcop.org/2.0.0/de/install/html The installation manuals are 'work in progress' and not yet complete. Online English admin manual: http://www.ipcop.org/2.0.0/en/admin/html Online German admin manual: http://www.ipcop.org/2.0.0/de/admin/html Noteworthy: - the GUI uses 8443 instead of 445. - SSH uses 8022 instead of 222. - access to IPCop and to the internet from internal networks (aka Green, Blue, Orange) is very much different. Spend some time with the various options you will find under "Firewall Settings" and the online admin manual. - Several translations are complete, other languages are work in progress. - backups from 1.4-series can not be used. - addons made for the 1.4-series will not work. Updates a67ee1732ef83e47c280171135272973 ipcop-2.0.2-update.i486.tgz.gpg Installation 7c745ce011c8ce991197a0161b85e652 ipcop-2.0.2-install-cd.i486.iso 110768eae38b6525eec4a7eef4c510a0 ipcop-2.0.2-install-netboot.i486.tgz f95d2fbbdc61739fc4e4edf9f1241571 ipcop-2.0.2-install-usb-fdd.i486.img.gz c7d3a244707b2e5f7e5694c507eb1257 ipcop-2.0.2-install-usb-hdd.i486.img.gz cb483b897d5b85fd4456ba09ea5d3b3f ipcop-2.0.2-install-usb-zip.i486.img.gz 4da8540656f7239a8e4799b5f69750fe ipcop-2.0.2-install-avmdrv.i486.tgz
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