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The world's first 5X 4X space strategy game.

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Imperia is a 4X game where you have just reached your majority as an 18-year old trying to rebuild humanity’s old empire after a cataclysmic war forced humanity to move to a new quadrant of the galaxy. It is over 1000 years later and you are thrust into a position where after a string of weak emperors, planetary viceroys, system and sector governors, and scheming Primes are all looking forward to taking advantage of your inexperienced and timid rule. You plan to stop humanity's slide... at any cost.

That is, if you’re not killed by your people first. The 5th 'X' - is 'eXist'.

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  • (Re)build the Empire! You are a new emperor who is looking to rebuild the shattered human remnents throughout the quadrant!
  • By your actions, rule as a Nationalist emperor - or a Tyrannical one. Very different experience depending on how you rule!
  • Lead, not micromanage. Create Edicts to guide star systems with just a few clicks
  • People matter! Your governors and viceroys have their own ideas of how to do things... you must bring them into line, any way you can!
  • Create underground intel networks to blackmail your foes, or simply have them killed
  • Explore new systems, populate new sectors, expand your reach
  • Keep your people happy! If they are not happy with their planet, they will migrate - to another planet of yours if you're lucky, to another empire if you're not!
  • Full trade network modeled. You need starbases to move resources up and down your trade hubs.
  • Much, much more to come - including science, starships, diplomacy, events, plots, aliens, and civil wars!


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