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ImgFusion v0.1 beta3 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Copyright (C) 2011 by Martin Gunia m_gunia@seznam.cz Introduction ============ ImgFusion is a portable library for image fusion (i.e. it takes multiple images and combines them into a single image with maximum information contents). Release Notes ============= imgfusion 0.1.beta3 (31.8.2011) - Several c++ compliance fixes - Added MSVC 2008 solution Installation ============ For notes on installation using autoconf see INSTALL. To compile with MSVC, see INSTALL inside the appropriate 'msvc' directory. ImgFusion requires DevIL image library to be installed. The library can be downloaded from: http://sourceforge.net/projects/openil Usage ===== Instructions on how to use the library can be found at http://imgfusion.sourceforge.net/docu.html Upon succesfull installation, 'fuse' program is created and copied into bin directory. The following command will fuse all .jpg images in a directory and write the output to fused.jpg: fuse -o fused.jpg *.jpg Type fuse --help for more help.
Source: README, updated 2011-08-31