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ij-DCRaw Release Notes v.1.3.0

ij-dcraw plugin open raw images from digital cameras in ImageJ with a help of dcraw tool. The dcraw is a C program created by David Coffin. Over 200 various raw formats are supported, including Adobe DNG. Full list can be found at dcraw home page in section [|Supported Cameras].

You can control how raw or how processed the opened image is. This enables extracting sensor data that is lost when image is converted to a standard viewing format. You can chose to concentrate on image analysis rather than on making an eye-pleasing pictures.

The plugin installs under Plugins > Input-Output > DCRaw Reader.

For more information see ij-dcraw home page.

Release files

  • ij-dcraw_bin_1.3.0.r1304.zip - only ij-dcraw plugin, without dcraw executable.
  • ij-dcraw_native-bin-windows_1.3.0.r1302.zip - ij-dcraw plugin with Windows dcraw executable.
  • ij-dcraw_native-bin-linux_1.3.0.r1302.tar.gz - ij-dcraw plugin with Linux binaries.
  • ij-dcraw_src_1.3.0.r1304.zip - sources.


  1. Download ij-dcraw_bin_*
  2. Unzip to ImageJ plugins directory. By default, the Reader looks for the dcraw binary in subdirectory dcraw of ImageJ plugins folder. An alternative location can be specified by adding property .dcrawExecutable.path to ImageJ properties file IJ_Props.txt located in ImageJ home directory. Here is an example: .dcrawExecutable.path=/apps/dcraw/dcraw Note period at the beginning of property name, it is required by ImageJ.
  3. Restart ImageJ
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