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Short: Identify hardware and more, OS3.9 (V13.0) Uploader: rkoerber@gmx.de (Richard Koerber) Author: rkoerber@gmx.de (Richard Koerber) Type: util/libs Kurz: Identifiziert Erweiterungen und mehr (V13.0) Keywords: expansion board guru alert function system library check arexx ppc powerpc warpos installer OS3.5 OS3.9 Requires: AmigaOS 2.0 or higher Language: English, Deutsch URL: http://www.shredzone.de/ This system shared library identifies your system and several IDs and returns them in a human readable form. Currently implemented are: expansions The manufacturer and product ID of hardware expansions are translated into manufacturer name, board name and board class. system Your system is analyzed by identify.library. You can query static values, as e. g. Amiga model, Processor, OS version, Graphic OS (e. g. CyberGraphX 4), Audio OS (e. g. AHI) or available memory (Virtual Memory is also supported). alerts The cryptical alert codes can also be translated. functions Decodes the offset of a shared library into it's function name, provided you have got the .fd files. Four example Shell tools are also included: ListExp Analyses your system, searches for expansion boards and optionally, shows what Commodities are available. This is an easy way to describe your system for bug reports etc. Guru Decodes a Guru number. Function Returns the name of the function that matches to the provided library name and offset. InstallIfy Gives Installer scripts access to the Identify hardware analyzer, e.g. to check if a PowerPC is present. FEATURES: ----------- - OS3.9 and BoingBag supported - AmigaXL supported - The complete expansion database consists of more than 420 expansion boards and 130 manufacturers. - Distinguishes between most GVP and Phase5 boards with unique ID - Tries to give at least a hint if the board name is not known yet - Fully DraCo and PowerPC compatible - Supports PowerUp and WarpOS - The library is fully localized (catalogs included: deutsch) - ARexx interface library - English and German documentation (.guide and .dvi) INCLUDED DEVELOPER FILES: --------------------------- - AutoDocs - Assembler include files - C header files (also protos, pragmas, GCC inlines) - PASCAL include files - Maxon/HiSoft-BASIC include files - Amiga-E include files - FD file - cd file for language translations - C example showing how to use identify with MUI - ARexx examples - Installer examples Other developer files (e.g. for BASIC) are available in the AmiNet. With your help, I hope to get as much expansion names as possible. So please send the name, manufacturer ID, product ID and board class of all your expansions to: "rkoerber@gmx.de". You can get the IDs with the included tool ListExp or the example program "expansions". Thank you!
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