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ICMP4j is an ICMP ping implementation for Java with a simple and clean API. Windows is supported natively. Linux is supported by spawning ping. If you can provide other native implementations, please contact the author!

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  • ICMP ping for Java
  • Simple static entry point: IcmpPingUtil.executePingRequest ()
  • Supports all client and server Windows platforms: XP, XPE, ME, Vista, 7, 8, 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012
  • Supports all Linux/Solaris platforms where the ping executable is on the path
  • Used by several production-grade products
  • Sponsored by www.GoodbyeFtp.com (also hosted on sf.net)


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  • ashegoulding
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    Never, ever consider to use this (s word)! I wouldn't give even one star, if i could. It uses raw socket in windows, and works fine. I'll give you that. But other than that, all the other platforms, it is just some child's prank. Like many other attempts to "ping" in java, this library is just a set of ping command parser. They made IcmpPingUtil.executePingRequest() as synchronized method... Hence no thread-safe blocking call of that method. You must use the method with AsyncCallback one, but it has its own problem with the garbage collector when used with the same AsyncCallback instance overtime. Mentioned about this being just a set of parser. Yeah. If the ping command output is different from the "general one", this lib just doesn't work (in such cases like output language is not englush, simplified versions in embedded systems ...) You (s word) could have made output filter using regular expression to filter out in those peculiar systems, but you made this "NativeBridge" thingy which is not that feasible. You want the other to implement their own "NativeBride"? so others can suffer that pain from coding? Putting "IT IS JUST A PARSER, DUDE" sign in your page was that hard? You explained this util like it uses some magic to ping across the platforms and you want for donation? If you are planning to use this in unix-like, don't and just parse the command in your own taste. DO NOT WASTE YOUR VALUABLE TIME ON THIS NON-SENSE.

    Posted 11/25/2015
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