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Huru Helpdesk Search Plugin v0.8x.01 beta 1 NOTE: This version of the plugin should only be used with Huru Helpdesk version 0.8x (0.86, 0.87, etc.) *Best results will be had by using this plugin with Huru Helpdesk version 0.88d or later. *** Installation & Configuration *** 1) Install the plugin via the Joomla installer. 2) From the Extensions menu, select Plugin Manager 3) Find and click on "Huru Helpdesk - Search Plugin" 4) Set the plugin parameters as desired. See huruhelpdesk.net for documentation. 5) Enable the plugin 6) Click Save 7) Test *** Known issues *** - English-only for now (if you want to customize the xml file for your own language - go ahead) (Search results, of course, will be returned in the language of the site) - While this plugin will function with all 0.8x versions of Huru Helpdesk, when using Huru Helpdesk version 0.88c or earlier, the close button shown on the detail page for a case found via Joomla site search will return the user to a list of cases matching a blank Huru Helpdesk search - not to the Joomla search page. This is due to earlier versions of the core Huru Helpdesk system not being aware of the search plugin and the need for button functions when viewing cases found via a Joomla site search. This is rectified in Huru Helpdesk version 0.88d. *** Credit *** Many thanks to Huru Helpdesk user Joel Thompson for his efforts in creating the first version of this plugin and for offering it to the Huru community.
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