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new in Version 1.3: it is now possible to add 20 files to a watchlist. These files where checked like the marked one in the filelist and stored as well. You can execute the files in the watchlist equal to the files in the filelist by double clicking to them, so you can use the Historymaker as a quickstart platform. The Historymaker starts now minimized in the systemtray and pops up by clicking on the icon. The taskpriority ist changed to the lowest level, so the Historymaker will not cost executiontime of other running programs. Historymaker V1.0 Sometimes i've had some trouble because of changed documents and softwarecodes, that the original docs or codes become overwritten or somewhere in the edited code was a bug i can't find. So i thought it would be nice to have several Versions stored, but every vew minutes taking a copy drives me crazy, so i developped this tiny tool in Visual Basic 6 to do the Job. On my system i've placed it in the autostart so every time the system starts the program gets started too. You can select the drive, directory and file that should be watched and stored, by double clicking the file gets opened and you can start working with. the program then checks every 10 seconds if the filedate and time gets changed ... this happens when you click the save button in your application ... and if this happens the Historymaker creates a History folder in the foler where the parentdocument is stored, with subfolders date and time and copies the file in this subfolder. if the file is a .bas or .c sourcecode, the included subfiles were copied too and a textfile with the original paths were created. So if debugging drives you crazy, you can restore some older version of your file and compare it to the original. This tool helps me very mucht in troubleshooting and i hope it will help you too. Greetings Marko tested in Windows 2000 and XP
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