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The latest version of the HEALPix package (2.20) is now available for download at http://sourceforge.net/projects/healpix and offers the following new features: Bug corrections and Improvements in Version 2.20 C++ * Faster Spherical Harmonic Transforms thanks to libpsht routines * Support for spin-weighted Spherical Harmonic Transforms at the library level * Support for 6-component power spectra in anafast_cxx * The smoothing_cxx module allows ``unsmoothing'' a map by specifying a negative FWHM value * Module median_filter renamed to median_filter_cxx to avoid name clashes with Fortran * bug fix in the nested ang2pix functions (provided by Craig J Copi) * FITS I/O performance improvements Fortran 90 * Faster Spherical Harmonics Transforms thanks to libpsht routines * Nside > 8192 now supported by most routines and facilities * Slightly faster pixel/coordinates conversion routines (eg ang2pix_*, vec2pix_*, ...) * improved map2gif facility IDL * cartview, gnomview, mollview, orthview: larger choice of supported symbols in OUTLINE option Java * bugs correction in query_disc Healpix_2.20_2011Feb04.tar.gz: MD5 d0e886a4c5292d12b04d23241d5891b0 SHA1 1b87ab31938f1214d3ab5ee63a495d76e3262ef6
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