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The latest version of the HEALPix package (3.20) offers the following new features: General * Generation of pkg-config files during the configuration of the C, C++ and F90 packages. C * Top configure script now proposes compilation with or without CFITSIO-related functions * Improved autotools support C++ * automatic workaround for bugs in older versions of GNU g++ compiler (bug reports 37, 45, 48, 51) * workaround for possible bug in Intel icc 14.0 compiler * bug fix in Mollweide projection in map2tga when not looking at (0,0) * autotools updates * deprecation warnings in alice2, soon to be replaced Fortran 90 facilities and subroutines * HEALPix-F90 routines and facilities can now also be compiled with the free Fortran95 compiler g95 (http://www.g95.org/). * A separate build directory is used to store the objects, modules, ... produced during the compilation of the source codes * improved handling of long FITS keywords, now producing FITS files fully compatible with the PyFITS and Astropy (www.astropy.org) Python libraries * improved FITS file parsing in generate_beam, affecting the external B(l) reading in the F90 facilities alteralm, synfast, sky_ng_sim, smoothing. IDL * addition of ialteralm to modify Spherical Harmonics coefficients (a[lm]). * addition of planck_colors to modify current color table to one used in Planck 2013 publications. * cartview, gnomview, mollview, orthview: + addition of BAD_COLOR, BG_COLOR and FG_COLOR keywords to change the color of the missing pixels, background and foreground labels and lines. + support for COLT='planck1' and COLT='planck2' to use the Planck color tables defined in planck_colors * Bugs correction in bin_llcl, query_disc. * update of the required IDL-astron library routines, and their supporting Coyote routines (2014-11-10). Java * explicit deprecation warnings in the source codes Python * switch to healpy 1.8.1 + fixes bugs in monopole removal, + adds orthographic projection, + easier install on MacOSX _______________________________________________________________________________ Download information http://sourceforge.net/projects/healpix/ Healpix_3.20_2014Dec05.tar.gz: MD5 eac1ebb6682c324eb22837896f5794ca SHA1 6db8d5e244c28fa66e51f187f492b84ce52949f5 SVN url: svn://svn.code.sf.net/p/healpix/code/branches/branch_v320r670 SVN revision: 670 _______________________________________________________________________________
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