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Application: - It is no longer possible to tear off toolbox submenus. The tear-off menus were removed as they have been broken in Gtk+ for a long time. - Seldom used functions (Rotate and Unrotate) were replaced with Dimensions & units and Arithmetic in the default toolbox. - Menu ‘Meta’ in the toolbox was renamed to ‘Info’. - Menu integration support in 64 bit OS X application. - Settings of 3D view labels are also stored when 3D defaults are saved. - Translations updated: Czech, French, Italian, Russian. Libraries: - libgwyprocess: A function for affine transformation of data fields was added. - libgwydgets: A function to test sensitivity group membership was added. - libgwydgets: Pygwy stock icon was added. Modules: - Otsu's thresholding (new): Grain marking using Otsu's method. - Affine distortion (new): Correction of affine distortion by matching image and expected lattice vectors. - Lattice layer (new): Layer allowing selection of a two-dimensional lattice. - LEXT: Can load colour images; R, G, B are imported as separate channels. - OLS, LEXT: False colour gradients of colour channels are automatically set to RGB-Red, RGB-Green and RGB-Blue. - Graph cut: Cutting other curves than the first actually works. Memory leaks were fixed. - Dimensions and Units: If image dimensions change selections are cleared. - WSF file: All key-value pairs in the file header at placed to metadata. - NetCDF: Support for multi-layer files was added. - Volume show and extract: A possible crash was fixed. - NT-MDT: Support for new spectroscopy frames was added, loading of 4D data from MDA frames improved: hybrid jumping mode, Raman images from 'new solver-next electronics’ era devices, external data storage, metadata parsing from XML. - Pygwy: Console is persistent and only one can exist, it has a clear log button, gwy syntax highlighting was added, a number of leaks was fixed, Python wrappers for file loading and grain numbering were improved. - Pixmap: Only edge false colour scale ticks are drawn for adaptive mapping. - S94 file: Support for current images and metadata was added; scaling of topography images was corrected. - Seiko: Files starting with SPIZ000STM are recognised and imported. Data should be read with correct value offsets (i.e. not just scale) now. Other: - Three new false colour gradients were added, RGB-Red, RGB-Green and RGB-Blue, representing pure R, G and B channels.
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