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Application: - GLib 2.14 is now required. - Translations updated: Czech, French, Russian, Spanish. - Metadata browser is no longer present in Meta menu. Access it via the right-click (Shift-F10) context menu of data (and volume) windows. Libraries: - libgwydgets: 3D view can display data overlays without any lighting. - libgwydgets: Unwanted window dragging with KDE oxygen theme was hopefully fixed. - libgwyapp: Support for volume data and functions were added to the data browser and menu constructors. - libgwymodule: Volume data processing module management functions were added. - libgwyprocess: Summary statistical functions for bricks were added. - libgwyapp: Toolbox items sensitivity corresponds to data available in the current file, not globally. This fixes a long-standing bug when it was possible to run a module function for a type of data for which gwy_app_data_browser_get_current() did not actually give anything. - libgwyapp: Public functions to display metadata browser were added. - libgwyapp: Editing data titles in data browser can be invoked using mouse again (a double-click activation followed by a normal click). - libgwydgets: Graph PostScript tries to avoid some non-ASCII characters; the key position was corrected fixed. - libgwyprocess: 2D ACF normalisation (off by 1/√xres) was corrected. - libgwydgets: Data window updates color axis range also after resize, fixing range not being updated after an in-place Crop. Modules: - Volumize (new): Create a simple 3D volume data from 2D data. - Volumize_layers (new): Create 3D volume data from set of 2D data. - Show and extract (new): Show 3D volume data and extract some projections. - Volume invert (new): Invert value in a 3D volume. - Tescan (new): Imports Tescan MIRA SEM images. - S94 (new): Imports S49 STM files. - Spectral synthesis: A ‘Lorentzian’ multiplier leading to exponential ACF was added. - WSxM: Files with wrong ‘Image header size’ field are imported correctly. - APE DAX: Metadata import was improved. - LEXT: Tries to import image 0, even though its data type can be only estimated. - Pixmap: Crashing when run from standalone python script was fixed. - PSIA: Vertical flipping of data was corrected. - Raw XYZ: User-selected resolutions are remembered. - All synthesis: Fixed Critical warnings/crash when the current file has no channels. - Dimensions and Units: Allow negative z calibration factor or range. - Nanoscope: Basic support for Force Volume data was added. - Points layer: Can draw point numbers. - Spectro tool: Spectra points are numbered. - Omicron: Positions of grid spectra points were corrected. - Polynomial level: Coefficients are shown and can be exported to a file. - Profile, Spectro tools: Curve colours are shown as small swatches in the table. - Nanomagnetics: Support for version 5 files was added. - Arithmetic: It is possible to use ‘x’ and ‘y’ in the expressions for real coordinates in the image. - Dimensions and Units: Can create a new channel or modify the current one. - AIST: Small fix of broken file parser in spectra loading. - NTMDT: Raman image loading was reimplemented as volume data. - NanoScanTech: Basic 4D data loading was implemented. - WiTec Project: Graph image loading was implemented. - OLD MDA: Data loading was implemented as volume data. Others: - The Win64 package uses correct set of registry keys, installation paths and the shortcut name was differentiated, allowing parallel installation with Win32.
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