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Application: - Translations updated: Czech, French, Russian, Spanish. Libraries: - libgwyprocess: Bogus normalisation/possible crash in gwy_data_field_area_dh() in presence of mask on non-square area was fixed. distribution if the area contains no data due to masking. - libgwyprocess: gwy_data_field_area_dh() returns a reasonable empty distribution if the area contains no data due to masking. - libgwyprocess: Radial PSDF normalisation was corrected to be really sampling-independent and correspond to the formula in user guide. - libgwyprocess: Double-free error if the initial Delaunay triangulation step fails was corrected. - libgwyprocess: Swapped x and y coordinates of spectra in serialisation were fixed. - libgwyprocess: Added brick (3D) data support backported from Gwyddion 3 development branch. - libgwydgets: Crashes upon clicking colour selection buttons were fixed. - libgwydgets: 3D view false colour axis shows overlay, not height units in the overlay mode. - libgwyapp: Visibility of false colour bar and mask are included in 3D view settings saved by ‘Set Defaults’. - libgwyprocess: gwy_data_field_distort() actually works for destination field of different size than source. Modules: - APE DAX (new): Imports APE Research DAX files. - Nanomagnetics (new): Imports Nanomagnetics NMI files. - VTK export (new): Exports fields as VTK structured grid files. - Magellan (new): Imports FEI Magellan SEM images. - Extend (new): Extends a field by adding borders using several methods. - Brickshow (new): Added a simple module for loading, visualising and data extracting from 3D volume data (Bricks) - GWYXYZF (new): Imports and export Gwyddion Simple XYZ files. - Seiko: Files starting ‘NPXZ000AFM’ are recognised and imported. XQP phase files should be read with a correct value scale and units. - Shimadzu: Files of different version than 2 are recognised and loaded. - Omicron flat: Crash while reading files with up and down traces but no retrace was fixed. - Createc: Conversion of raw data to physical values was corrected. - Nanoeducator: Keep relative coordinates of datafields, Material description decoding from CP1251, Attempt to fix current scale in spectroscopy. - Nanoscantech: Scan names of new standard (inside Attributes) supported, Units and scan names recoding from CP1251. - Nanoscope: F-Z spectra are imported (experimental). - Pixmap: Manual font size range is limited by zoom. Inset bar length is remembered and used the next time if possible. - Raw XYZ: Tolerance for ‘regular grid’ (which is not triangulated) was increased to 5% of pixel size to help people with poorly rounded data. - Edge: New Sobel and Prewitt classic edge detection functions. - Drift correction: Correction can be applied to all compatible channels and channels can be directly replaced with corrected ones. - Line layer: Thick line end markers are drawn correctly to image targets. - NetCDF: GXSM file metadata support was improved, images are flipped when appropriate. - Fit sphere: Units of resulting quantities are set correctly. - Omicron: Abscissae of single point spectra were corrected to match SCALA. - Graph fit: It is possible to plot the difference between data and fit to a new graph. - Graph fit, FD fit and Critical dimension: Curve and controls were switched, controls should no longer jump around, interfering with selection. - Merge: ‘None’ merge mode which does not do any correlation search was actually implemented. Critical warnings and wrong smooth merging for some image combinations were fixed. ‘Second’ really means the image selected in the dialog now. Other: - Crash on Win32 while loading TIFF images was hopefully fixed. - Compatibility with GLib older than 2.26, accidentaly broken in 2.30, was restored. - Desktop files in correct locations are updated with --enable-home-installation configure option. - Standalone gwy python module on Win32 no nonger tries to load non-existent Gwyddion libraries. - MS Windows executables are available also as 64bit. They are still somewhat experimental and do not include Python scripting support.
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