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Application: - Translations updated: Czech, French, Russian. - Handling of files with non-ASCII characters in names on Win32 was improved. Libraries: - libgwyprocess: A new function to remove grains touching image borders. - libgwyprocess: New grain quantities: Radius and position of maximum inscribed disc and minimum excscribed circle, area of grain convex hull, mean radius. - libgwyapp: Critical warning/crash if the last visible channel of a file is deleted and this channel has a mask. - libgwyapp: Setting a channel or graph visibility key in a container actually shows or hides the corresponding data. Modules: - Neural network: Split to two functions: training and application. Networks can be saved, trained on multiple data (sequentially), training signal can be masked, units of the output can be specified. - APE file: Channel labelling for various modes was corrected. - Createc: Dimensions and values of imported data was corrected, all channels are imported now. - IGOR file: Crash on files that contain no channel titles was fixed. - Selection manager tool: Chosen selection is shown in the data window. - Remove Grain by Threshold: Can also remove grains touching image borders. - Grain Statistics: Select Inscribed Discs and Select Excscribed Circles create circular selections visualising the corresponding discs/circles. - Grain correlations: Really works when run non-interactively. Other: - Compatibility with newer version of GLib that deprecate various things was improved. - Win32 executables are built using MinGW-W64 cross-compiler.
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