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gwyddion 2016-01-11 819819 weekly downloads
sample-modules 2014-09-18 11 weekly downloads
mingw32-cross-compile 2013-12-17 11 weekly downloads
user-guide 2011-06-07 11 weekly downloads
sample-data 2011-06-07 1313 weekly downloads
gwydump 2011-06-07 11 weekly downloads
gwybatch 2011-06-07 11 weekly downloads
gwyiew 2011-06-07 11 weekly downloads
gwyfract 2011-06-07 11 weekly downloads
gwyddion-1.99 2011-06-07 11 weekly downloads
gwyddion-1 2011-06-07 55 weekly downloads
README.txt 2014-03-04 952 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
gwyddion Gwyddion itself, the current stable version series (2.x at present). This is probably what you want to download. gwyddion-1.99 Obsolete unstable version 1.99.x, leading to version 2.0, now discontinued and unsupported. gwyddion-1 Obsolete stable version 1.x, now discontinued and unsupported. sample-data Sample Gwyddion data files. sample-modules Sample out-of-tree Gwyddion modules. They can be used as templates for the development of your own exentsion modules. gwydump, gwybatch, gwyiew, gwyfract Sample Gwyddion-based programs. user-guide Old, versioned releases of Gwyddion user guide. At present, the user guide is updated continuously and versioned releases are no longer made. See http://gwyddion.net/documentation/#user for the current version. mingw32-cross-compile Extra packages for cross-compilation of Gwyddion for MS Windows on Linux, namely Fedora.
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