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A small and buggeous static site compiler in Python 3.x, tested only on my Debian Linux box. I've begin to make it compatible with Windows systems, but also if it should be quite simple, simply I've not a Windows pc. It works for me, but don't think to get it and use it in big contests: it's a way to learn a bit of Python for me. Goal of this project is to write a text file, put an image near it, and get the complete page, in a reasonable time, launching procedure with cron.
If you see some horrors in my coding, please contact me, also if it's normal: programming is not my work...

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  • Templates are less powerful, but simplier than in other apps
  • Thinked to be used within a cron command, using text files for contents
  • Operations are done via a script file
  • Multilanguage sites creation without creating branches and multiple pages
  • Formatting trough a kind of Markdown (trough a great piece of software called Mistune)
  • Blog-like site construction, but all site is done to avoid big linking operations.
  • Create galleries of images, and automatically upgrade them
  • Can include custom commands results into the pages
  • Easy protection of directories with htaccess files


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