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2014-05-02 version 1.9.90 - GUI reorganization: move the Function packages menu from /Files to /Tools - GUI enhancement: add News button under "/Help/About gretl" to display list of changes in the current version - Help menu: add item for the new "hansl primer" which covers the basics of gretl's scripting language - Introduce a new native binary datafile format, the gdtb file (zipped XML metadata plus binary values) - Add new functions: bread(), bwrite(), substr(), easterday() - "summary" command: add --weights option - "tabprint" command: add --csv option - fdjac function: provide choice of algorithm - Enable use of arrays in the SFMT random number generator - Enable use of value labels (if any) in factorized boxplots - Enable use of named lists in the GMM() and GMMlevel() parameter-groups for the "dpanel" and "arbond" commands - Print out alternative definition of R^2 in FE linear panel data models - Add choice of compression level when saving data in native gdt format - Stata dta import: handle (illegal!) non-ASCII characters in variable names - X-12-ARIMA interface: support the new X-13-ARIMA-SEATS as an alternative - Fix bug: incorrect plot header when the --radians option was given with the "pergm" command - Fix bug: the --test-down option to "coint" was not working as advertised - Fix bug (?): the final regression in "coint" (Engle-Granger test) could end up using a different sample range depending on whether or not the --skip-df option was given - Fix bug: incorrect handling of Poisson regression when the specification does not include an intercept term - Fix bug: bad handing of decimal comma in context of the --by option - Fix bug: incorrect treatment of big-endian SPSS "sav" files on data import - Fix bug: the auxiliary regression for White's test should contain a constant even if the model to be tested does not - Fix bug: wrong starting date being sent to x12a/x13as for monthly data starting in October - Fix bug: score calculation for random-effects probit was incorrect - Fix bug: incorrect estimates when the --robust option was used with the "wls" command - Fix bugs 181, 182 - Internals: add support for multiple, independent PRNGs - configure script: add an option --disable-www which drops the libcurl dependency, conditional on not building the GUI program - win32 build: update gmp to 5.1.3, mpfr to 3.1.2
Source: README, updated 2014-05-02