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  • kcaulley
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    This is my opinion(1) and is presented here to be a thank you and constructive criticism. The individuals that have taken their time to enhance Gramps should be commended for their contributions. With that said: My favourite Reports: Detailed Descendant Report: This report is the best that I have seen in the many programs I have tried. Precede this report with the Descendant Report, add an Index and you have one of the most informative books on a family that I have seen generated by a program. The only issue I have with this report is the printing of redundant information. Such as: the reprinting of Birth, Death, Marriage in the “More about “ section of the person. On a report that I did on one family line the report generated a 270 page document. After removing the redundant information the report was reduced to 228 pages. Family Sheet I find this report great for passing out to family members for up dating their information. I will also take this on research trips when I can't take the laptop. Gramplets My favourite is the Census Gramplet. It makes entering census information so easy it makes it fun to do and makes the reports better. The author has identified many of the bugs and has plans to correct them. About the only recommendations I would have for this Gramplet is to add a name field because of the misspellings by census takers. The other suggestion would be to sort the Source field of the New Census window in alpha/numeric order for easier selection. Latest Changes Gramplet I find this very useful. Being an old fart the memory is not as good as it was. I can go here to double check my last entries for accuracy. The only suggestion here is to add more than just the last 10 changes. Data Entry Don’t know if this is a Gramplet but WOW. This is great. Makes entering data simple. This is only a few of the Gramplets that enhance Gramps but all of the contributors deserver a pat on the back. Jobs well done.  (1) a belief or judgment that rests on grounds insufficient to produce complete certainty.

    Posted 04/21/2012