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gpsim GNU Pic Simulator, a simulator for Microchip's PIC microcontrollers. Version 0.28.1 release http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=2341 http://gpsim.sourceforge.net/gpsim.html This release is dedicated to the late Borut Ražem a major contibutor to this project. He is missed. New Processors: pic16f1788 pic16f505 pic18f2550 pic18f4550 Bug Fixes 188 Infinite loop is stimulus file is missing 0.28.0 187 Trace All in breadboard will cause core dump if no nodes are defined 186 Problem with sleep wakeup on p16f84A 185 First event of asynchronous_stimulus before start_cycle 183 Opening a .asm file causes sigabrt 182 Sigsegv when loading .cod file with no .asm file or gputils files 180 INTCON:IOCIF is read only and controlled by IOCxF registers 179 INTCON::GIE cannot be cleared during interrupt 178 UART: PIR1/TXIF behaviour doesn't match real 16f627 176 PI 18F4550 Interrupt handling not working 175 p12f182x: MOVIW must update Z bit 174 IOC only works on gpio0 of p12f675 173 PIE registers may have unwritable bits 172 PIR2 bit C2IF not writable for p16f1823 171 PIC12F683 Timer 2 interrupt not happening 170 Usart does not work on 12f1822 169 Weak pull-up on RA3 of 12f1822 not working 167 Usart module does not work if CPU frequency changes after module is loaded 166 OSCCON incorrect after power on reset 165 Gpsim does not handle -i option properly 164 gpsim 0.27 16f877 missing general purpose registers 161 PIC Enhanced Midrange Core ADDFSR Bug Report 160 compilation of gpsim / modules, file stimuli.cc fails on FreeBSD 10.0 with FreeBSD clang version 3.3 135 Source browser confused by missing files Feature Requests 36 Add desktop and appdata metadata files to distribution 35 Allow q as shortcut command for quit 34 Add support for dht11 humidity, temperature sensor 9 Stimulus Recorder Patches Applied 40 Clocks calibration, usart synchronisation and little cleanup 38 Terminate string to avoid corruption of current folder 37 P18F: Fix interaction of POSTINC/POSTDEC and SUBFSR/ADDFSR 36 Fix RAM size for P18F2520 and P18F4520 34 Allow overwriting make in regression tests 33 Make gpsim buildable with BSD make 32 Make gpsim compile with clang 31 Add 16F505 19 Correctly wake up from sleep
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