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Files: gogui-1.4.6-install.exe Windows installer. Installs exe wrappers for GoGui and the tools. Optionally creates an entry in the start menu and a shortcut on the desktop, and registers GoGui as a handler for SGF files. gogui-1.4.6.zip Main distribution. Includes the GoGui sources and compiled platform-independent jar files for GoGui and the tools (in the subdirectory "lib"). gogui-1.4.6-src.tar.gz Contains only the GoGui sources. gogui-1.4.6-install.exe.asc gogui-1.4.6.zip.asc gogui-1.4.6-src.tar.gz.asc GPG signatures to verify the integrity of the files Changes in version 1.4.6: * Removed workaround for a bug in Ubuntu 12.04 that made the menu bar unreadable in the default Ubuntu theme (Ubuntu bug #932274) because this bug is now fixed in Ubuntu 12.10 (OpenJDK 7) and the workaround had other side-effects on the menu colors. Changes in version 1.4.5: * Added a workaround for a bug in Ubuntu 12.04 that made the menu bar unreadable in the default Ubuntu theme (Ubuntu bug #932274). * Use set_free_handicap command to make the Go program aware that handicap is used if a SGF file is opened that stores handicaps as a sequence of black moves instead of setup properties, like files from the KGS Go server with Chinese rules (bug #3529926). * Fixed an assertion that triggered when using a SGF file that used moves left properties and an overtime system other than Canadian overtime (which is the only overtime system supported by GoGui). * Suppressed some warnings with Java 7 that occurred because some Java classes have become generic that were raw before (JComboBox, JList). Changes in version 1.4.4: * Handle failing of undo commands sent to the Go program in gogui-adapter and GoGui (bug #3519829) * gogui-adapter did not use komi from file in loadsgf (bug #3522401) * gogui-adapter: loadsgf loaded the position AFTER move number (bug #3527339) * Explicitely send "komi 0" command to program if the komi is not defined. This avoids that the program uses an old komi for example if first a SGF file is loaded that has a komi property and then a file is loaded that has no komi property. * Don't use separators in toolbar anymore * Add StartupWMClass key to desktop entry Changes in version 1.4.3: * Fix broken thumbnail generation on Unix if file name contained non-ASCII characters. * Changed Back to Main Variation to go to the last move in the main variation that had a variation, not to the last position in the main variation. * Workaround for bad taskbar title (java-lang-Thread instead of GoGui) with Gnome 3 * No longer install the gogui-C.omf documentation metadata file on Unix, which was the likely cause of problems with the system-wide help system on some Linux distributions. * Updated toolbar icon for play command Changes in version 1.4.2: * Fixed bug in Unix install script introduced in version 1.4.1 that made it fail when installing the Gnome 3 thumbnailer and the share/thumbnailers directory did not already exist. Changes in version 1.4.1: * Set file status to modified and enable Save menu item if a label or markup was added or changed. * Removed numbers in list menu items (like Recent Files) if the platform is Mac because no mnemonics are used on the Mac. * No longer use window titles in alert dialogs. * Removed duplicate menu access keys * Avoid unjustified warnings (on standard error) about duplicate access keys in menu items. * Make registering thumbnailer for SGF files work in Gnome 3.
Source: README, updated 2012-10-07