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GOA WinForms for Flash - VS2005 2009-11-13
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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- GOA WinForms for Flash Build 3.0.0001 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open-source project under the Mozilla Public License Version 1.1: http://www.mozilla.org/MPL/MPL-1.1.html Source code and community support available on: http://sourceforge.net/projects/goaproject Installation requirements: 1) VisualStudio 2005 Standard, Professional or Team System Installation guidelines: 1) You must be local admin of the PC. 2) You must uninstall any previous version of GOA WinForms for Flash released by NETIKA Technologies SA (www.netikatech.com). 3) On Windows Vista/7, please run the setup.exe to ensure the setup is executed under elevated rights. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's included: 1) GOA WinForms SDK for Flash 2) Samples for Flash 3) GOA C# Compiler build 1518 (*) 4) Plug-in for VisualStudio 2005 (*) (*) Redistributed with permission of NETIKA Technologies SA (www.netikatech.com). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Changelog: Build 3.0.0001 - Implemented a workaround for the mouse wheel events not being managed by the Flash Player on Mac platform (catch these events in javascript and forward then to the applet). Remarks: This workaround will work only with ActionScript 3 (Flash 9 or higher). Tested with Safari 4 and Firefox 2.x/3.x on Mac OS X. - Added a new property ObjectId in ExternalInterface allowing to get the id of the OBJECT tag or name of the EMBED tag used to load the GOA Flash applet. Remark: this property is available only in ActionScript 3 (Flash 9 or higher). - Added new method GetCellBounds() to the GridView allowing to get the location and size of a cell in the grid. - Added new properties FirstVisibleRow, LastVisibleRow, FirstVisibleColumn and LastVisibleColumn to the GridView allowing to get information about the visible area of the grid. - Fixed bug in setter of Control.CausesValidation property. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [eof]
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