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Eclipse 2015-09-18 34,52634,526 weekly downloads
Previous Releases 2015-09-15 11 weekly downloads
OpenOCD 2015-09-15 5252 weekly downloads
Miscellaneous 2015-09-15 55 weekly downloads
Current Releases 2015-09-15 686686 weekly downloads
Build Tools 2015-09-15 254254 weekly downloads
QEMU 2015-09-15 11 weekly downloads
xPacks 2015-09-15 396396 weekly downloads
Old Files 2013-09-29 33 weekly downloads
README.md 2015-09-16 858 Bytes 22 weekly downloads

Migrated to GitHub!

Starting with Sep 2015, new versions will be published as GitHub Releases.

The only releases published on SourceForge will be:

  • the Eclipse updates
  • the xPacks updates


These are the GNU ARM Eclipse Plug-ins download folders:

  • Current Releases - the folders containing the archived
    history of all versions released. This is the place where you can find the latest version of the plug-in.

  • Eclipse - the folders for the automated Eclipse update site mechanism. This is where Eclipse will go to check for updates.

  • Miscellaneous - other files, like build tools, necessary for Windows.

  • Previous Releases & Old Files - archive with very old files. This is a place where you'll probably find nothing useful...

  • xPacks - the folders where XCDL/CMSIS packages are published.

Source: README.md, updated 2015-09-16