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GLScene ODE Vehicle Instruction : ASWD to control 1 to switch lock the camera face at the same direction as the vehicle, or not. hold mouse button for mouselook. Grab the terrain editor and body editor from the tool subfolder. 5/11/2012 GLScene's ODE custom heightfield collider is quite slow. So at most only 4 Vehicles should be run. 1 Vehicle definately should run fine on most rigs. 7/11/2012 Added ZLib to compress the map data. Added Color. Wheel drive mode and wheel steer mode added to the main screen 8/12/2012 Car racing model doesn't really perform well, so instad I change the map into a rock climbing car type of game. 12/12/2012 Added subframe 23/11/2012 Made major change so now the vehicle can have 4 to n number of wheels. Currently only able to have even number of wheels on 1 common axle. Added a loader to help setting up the game. Allows map change. Currently will only load 3 vehicles : NewBodyTest0, 1 & 2. This would be my last update until I get back from holiday next year. 9/1/2013 - fixed wheel file path - fixed axle rotation direction. 11/1/2013 Moved .ini to proper location NOTE : objData (map file & vehicle data file) folder is moved to myDocuments\GLSODEveh\ . grab it from setup file or create your own. 14/1/2013 Odd number of wheels added. 17/1/2013 Fixed local file bugs 23/1/2013 Include dlls in install
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