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This is version 3.0.4 of GLFW. This release adds better support for custom build environments and fixes for a large number of bugs that together affect all supported platforms. As this is a patch release, there are no API changes. - Added the GLFW_BUILD_DOCS CMake option for controlling whether the documentation is built - Added the _GLFW_USE_CONFIG_H configuration macro for controlling whether to include the configuration header - Moved version number macro to internal.h for easier manual compilation - Renamed configuration header to glfw_config.h to avoid conflicts - Bugfix: The glfw3.pc file did not respect the LIB_SUFFIX CMake option - Bugfix: The joysticks test would segfault if a controller had no axes - [Win32] Allowed swap interval to be explicitly set to zero on DWM systems - [Win32] Bugfix: Removed joystick axis value negation left over from GLFW 2 - [Win32] Bugfix: Restoring windows using the Win+D hot key did not trigger the focus callback - [Win32] Bugfix: The disabled cursor mode clip rectangle was updated for unfocused windows - [Win32] Bugfix: Cursor was not properly re-centered over odd-sized windows - [Win32] Bugfix: Negative window positions were reported incorrectly - [Win32] Bugfix: The iconify callback was not triggered when switching away from a full screen window using Alt+Tab - [Win32] Bugfix: Resizing a window with glfwSetWindowSize gave it focus - [Cocoa] Added dependency on CoreVideo framework for refresh rate retrieval - [Cocoa] Enabled Lion full screen for resizable windowed mode windows - [Cocoa] Moved to Cocoa API for application transformation and activation - [Cocoa] Bugfix: The GLFW_KEY_GRAVE_ACCENT key was reported as GLFW_KEY_WORLD_1 and vice versa - [Cocoa] Bugfix: The GLFW_KEY_F13 key was reported as GLFW_KEY_PRINT_SCREEN - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Implicit conversion from NSUInteger to int caused warnings with Xcode 5 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Use of undeclared selectors with @selector caused warnings with Xcode 5 - [Cocoa] Bugfix: The cursor remained visible if moved onto client area after having been set to hidden outside it - [Cocoa] Bugfix: The refresh rate was zero for all modes of certain monitors - [Cocoa] Bugfix: The install_name field of the dynamic library was not set - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Full screen windows were never reported as having focus - [Cocoa] Bugfix: A superfluous I/O flag test prevented video modes from being listed for Thunderbolt monitor - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Retrieving the name of some external displays caused segfault - [Cocoa] Bugfix: The 10.9 SDK defines GLintptrARB and GLsizeiptrARB differently from the Khronos glext.h - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Creating hidden windows would steal application focus - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Controllers were reported as having zero buttons and axes - [Cocoa] Bugfix: Removed joystick axis value negation left over from GLFW 2 - [X11] Added setting of the WM_CLASS property to the initial window title - [X11] Added support for _NET_WM_BYPASS_COMPOSITOR - [X11] Bugfix: Removed joystick axis value negation left over from GLFW 2 - [X11] Bugfix: The position of hidden windows was ignored by Metacity and Compiz - [X11] Bugfix: The pthread.h header was not included by the GLX platform header.
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