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This is version 2.7.1 of GLFW. This release only adds bug fixes for a number of minor issues in 2.7. * Clarified language in the Reference Manual concerning window hint resetting * Bugfix: The OpenGL profile and forward-compatibility window parameters were not set * Bugfix: The default OpenGL version in the version test was set to 1.1 * Bugfix: The FSAA test did not check for the availability of GL_ARB_multisample * Bugfix: The window could be left in a closed state but still be flagged as open * Bugfix: glfwGetWindowSize did not check whether GLFW was initialized or whether the window was open * [Cocoa] Bugfix: The loop condition for saving video modes used the wrong index variable * [Cocoa] Bugfix: The iconified and active window states were not tracked * [X11] Cleaned up depdendencies for libglfw.pc file * [X11] Bugfix: The dlopen fallback method for glfwGetProcAddress had been broken by unrelated edits * [X11] Bugfix: Calling glXCreateContextAttribsARB with an unavailable OpenGL version caused the application to terminate with a BadMatch Xlib error * [X11] Bugfix: GLFW_WINDOW_NO_RESIZE was honored in fullscreen mode . * [Win32] Added Visual C++ 2010 project files for the GLFW DLL and static library to the support/msvc100 directory * [Win32] Enabled _GLFW_NO_DLOAD_GDI32 and _GLFW_NO_DLOAD_WINMM for the DLL build * [Win32] Bugfix: compile.bat used Unix-style line endings * [Win32] Bugfix: The WGLSWAPINTERVALEXT_T, WGLGETEXTENSIONSSTRINGARB_T and WGLGETEXTENSIONSSTRINGEXT_T typedefs were declared under WGL_ARB_pixel_format * [Win32] Bugfix: The array for WGL context attributes was too small and could overflow * [Win32] Bugfix: Context creation using profiles did not check for the availability of WGL_ARB_create_context_profile * [Win32] Bugfix: Context recreation logic was overly conservative, leading to unnecessary recreations * [Win32] Bugfix: Window focus was not handled correctly when using glfwInconifyWindow
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