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Dual-panel file manager for a pro. Inspired by Norton / Midnight / Total Commander. Unlike regular file managers, it copies and moves files between its two panels. This allows you to easily keep the files in place by organizing the folders on your sdcard. Aside the file system on the sdcard, the file manager can also upload or download files from remote locations such as FTP and SFTP, Windows (aka Samba) network shares (plug-in required), create or extract ZIP archives. For the advanced users, this file manager has also the "root:" (su - super user) mode that is essential to work with system files on a rooted phone, change file permissions attributes (chmod) and even execute your own shell commands. Plus, the "mount:" mode allows you to browse and remount the file system's partitions. Please note! Tap on the right side of the panel to select multiple files. Tap on the left side to activate a file or enter a folder. Yes, one side will activate, and the other side will select! Furthermore the application comes with a lot of customizable options which allow you to adjust its behavior to your personal habits. The files available to download: Ghost Commander v1.*.apk - The Latest Release Ghost Commander v1.*b*.apk - A testing version (beta) Ghost Commander - Samba plugin v1.*.apk - The plug-in to access Windows network shared folders Ghost Commander - Samba plugin v1.*b*.apk - A testing version of the plug-in readme - this text
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