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///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// /// getID3() by James Heinrich <> // // available at // // or // ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// Support requests and/or bug reports should be directed to the forums located at Latest Updates ============== » denotes a major feature addition/change ¤ denotes a change in the returned structure ! denotes a cry for help from developers * Bugfix: denotes a fixed bug getID3() 2.x Version History (latest version changes only) ========================================================== 2.0.0b6: [2010-11-25] James Heinrich » Added CUE (cuesheet) support new file: module.misc.cue.php (thanks Nigel Barnes ngbarnesØhotmail*com) » Added AA (Audible Audiobook) support new file: (thanks Tobias Weber towbØgmx*net) » Added DSS (Digital Speech Standard) support new file: (thanks luke*wilkinsØdtsam*com) ¤ Prevent clobbering WMA artist with albumartist value; added WMA partofset tag; added WMA tag picture data to WMA comments (thanks ngbarnesØhotmail*com) ¤ RIFF.WAVE.SNDM (SoundMiner) metadata now parsed (thanks emerrittØwbgu*bgsu*edu) * added support for a number of new comment atom types added in iTunes v4.0-v7.0 (thanks ngbarnesØhotmail*com) * additional FLV details parsed, may be faster as well (thanks ngbarnesØhotmail*com) * replaced calls to deprecated mysql_escape_string() with mysql_real_escape_string() * Bugfix: DSS files longer than 60 seconds had wrong playtime * Bugfix: possible empty array encountered in APE tags (thanks csnaitsirchØweb*de) * Bugfix: prevent errors when parsing invalid Vorbis comments (thanks dr*dieselØgmail*com) * Bugfix: [asf][codec_list_object][codec_entries][x][description] not containing expected comma-seperated values no longer aborts (thanks larry_globusØyahoo*com) * Bugfix: getOnlyMPEGaudioInfo() would fail if info[avdataend] was not populated (e.g. reading over network) (thanks vollmerØampache*org) * Bugfix: (#1072) memory limit not handled correctly if in gigabytes in php.ini (e.g. "2G") * Bugfix: (#1068) wrong encoding for Quicktime tags * Bugfix: (#1040) possible infinite loop in genre parsing * Bugfix: (#1023) mysql cache extension now base64_encodes data to make binary-safe. Existing cached data must be purged from your database cache * Bugfix: (#1007) ClosestStandardMP3Bitrate() not selecting most appropriate value * Bugfix: (#955) UTF-16LE text files could be falsely identified as corrupt mp3 files * Bugfix: (#877) detect if mbstring.func_overload is set in php.ini * Bugfix: (#871) missing { in write.id3v2.php * Bugfix: (#858) PHP safe_mode setting in php.ini incorrectly handled if set to "Off" * Bugfix: (#838) prevent warnings with assorted unhandled Quicktime atoms
Source: README2.txt, updated 2011-02-08