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GEPETTO (GEne PrioriTization ExTended TOol) is an original open-source framework, distributed under the LGPL license, for gene selection and prioritization on a desktop computer that ensures confidentiality of personal data. It takes advantage of the data integration capabilities in the SM2PH-Central knowledgebase, combined with in-house developed gene prioritization methods. It currently incorporates six prioritization modules, based on gene sequence, protein-protein interactions, gene expression, disease-causing probabilities, protein evolution and genomic context). GEPETTO is written in Java/Python and supported by an advanced modular architecture, which means that it can easily be modified and extended by the user, in order to include alternative scoring methods and new public/private data sources. Version 2.0.0 ============= * JBPM workflow engine integration Version 1.0.0 ============= * Initial version
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