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The purpose of GeoRaptor project is to extend Oracle SQL Developer with additional functionality for database administrators or developers working with Oracle Spatial data.

Dear Users, A port to version 4.x of SQL Developer is being attempted. It is not simple due to the lack of development resources. Please keep using GeoRaptor with SQL Developer 3.x until the new version is available. Thanks. Simon Greener

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  • View Oracle Spatial data
  • Assists in metadata and spatial index management
  • Shapefile importer


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  • santoshbhoda
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    Best tool for viewing Oracle spatial data

    Posted 08/13/2015
  • rhuesken
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    This plugin is very helpful. Main bonus is it's ability to render circular arcs without having to densify them first (as opposed to e.g. OpenJump). There are ways for improvement, though. 0) Make it available to SQL Developer version 4 1) When creating a layer, do NOT start to retrieve data automatically. First allow a user to change the query and add conditions. Then zoom in directly to the MBR of the geometries retrieved by the adjusted SQL. 2) Make it possible to create layers for geometries that do not have a spatial index defined on them. In my applications, I have a logging table with a geometry column. It has been a deliberate decision not to create a spatial index on this table, since the geometries in this logging table may be invalid. In order to visualise them, I first need to transfer them to another logging table, which is something I would like to avoid... 3) A layer in Georaptor is now directly coupled to a single table. A typical application uses SQL with joins etc. Therefore I would appreciate the ablity to define my own SQL, preferably by cut and paste directly from my application into the SQL window for the layer in Georaptor. 4) change the default fill for polygons to a fixed color for all geometries in the layer (not a different color for each geometry), and set the default opacity to 50 % (or allow me to set my own preferences :-) 5) Changing settings with respect to the display (or hiding) of labels or changing the symbols for the vertices does not always work (sometimes it does, sometime it doesn't, especially once a layer has been copied.). Hopefully these points will show up in a future release. Richard.

    Posted 03/04/2015
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