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What's new ? ------------ Version 2.5 has been released! Please note that from version 2.5, GeoKettle binaries are no longer available on Sourceforge. Please, go to the Spatialtics Market (http://market.spatialytics.com) to download lastest releases of GeoKettle. About GeoKettle versions numbering: ----------------------------------- Even if the previous version of GeoKettle is numbered 3.2.0-20090609, the newest releases are numbered 2.x. 3.2.0 was a reference to the version of Kettle on which GeoKettle was based. Current versions are an important milestones for the project as they provide an important amount of new features, better performance and robustness. The previous numbering system did not allow to translate this matter of fact. That is why it has been decided to change the numbering of the versions and to name the new versions as 2.x. It emphasizes more the important work performed to provide these new releases.
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